Monday, October 26, 2009

working from home in the house of fish

Things are busy in the House of Fish. I am supposed to be writing today.
It is a non-teaching day.

But the house looks like a cyclone has been through it and I am hunting for a Very Important Piece of Paper, which of course I cannot find.
I have gotten the scanner to work though.
Naturally, I am allowing this to completely take over what I am doing and not one word has been written.

I did find some notes I took in a boring meeting.

and then I found a picture of my models wearing some of my Titian inspired brooches.
I wonder who is wearing these now?

Oh, look. Some flowers in Monets garden when I was there last. What splashy dahlias!
Ah, so pretty!

Looking at the time, I see I have lost another day as it is almost time to pick up the children on this rainly day. So much for working from home: the sum total of my efforts today is to make some scans, create even more piles of mess in the search for things I need, and a total avoidance of the Big Issue: the unwritten thesis.
Of which I have entirely lost the thread, the plot, and half my notes.

But have agreed, having been thoroughly shamed, to take the daughter Formal Dress Shopping.
Apparently, she and her friend are the only two children not to have a dress. All the Other Mothers have long taken their girls and spent their every dollar to clad them in some wonderful dress...the other said mother rang me in horror "do you know what i had to do today? take georgia shopping...oh, it was horrible"
so that leaves only me, the Failed Mother, yet to tackle the job.
Which sounds only marginally less horrid than writing a thesis in one weekend.
Oh, one day. Saturday, I'll be shopping...


Reluctant Blogger said...

Oh I love and hate that losing something and finding all sorts of other things type of day. Working from home often ends up like that for me.

You know, I don't think my daughter possessed a dress at all between the ages of 10 and 18. She did get one for the Leaving Ball at school although even then she was not keen. Not a bad mother at all - a sensible one - you wouldn't want her to grow out of it!

Leenie said...

OI!! The dreaded lost project and the more dreaded shopping for the young ladie's dress. SO sorry. Once I told my dear daughter "this is how much we can spend. Look all over the friken town until you find something you like, then come get me." It sorta worked. And saved us a few hours of arguments and sulking. Years later...she is a mom and a great one. We are best friends now. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

The ever-changing tide huh. This one sounds more than OK. And out of very normal family life, the thesis will be uncovered and flow. Promise!

Red Hen (dette) said...

I am comforted at how normal your house seems to be, I am sure I would feel completely at home should I come to visit. I have spent my rcess break today halting the disconnection of my power and the sale of my house under me as a result of misplacing those 'important pieces of paper'.
I did the same thing as Leenie- I took chicky babe to a shopping centre sat myself down in a coffee shop and said go look, come and get me when you have found some things you like and then we can decide. I never took my mother for anything as important as a formal dress- that was something you did with a girlfriend they have much better taste than mothers!!!!

Red Hen (dette) said...

P.S. I love the brooches, they would look very lovely on a crocheted scarf!

Meggie said...

When I was a teenager, I did a lot of terrible things to my mother...
Thank goodness, this was not one of them...
I send hugs, & suggest gallons of Savugnion Blanc from Marlborough.
The pain relief is beyond belief..

On the other hand, if it is teenagers.... I give up.

Eleanor said...

Oh, Formal Dress Shopping.

The horror.

I'll be thinking of you dear one.

molly said...

I sympathize Miss Fifi! In the time I spend searching among the piles for things, fabric, patters i have lost I could make the mother of all quilts! Some day I will be organzed. Meanwhile, going shoppunapiing always helps!

molly said...

Drat that ADD afflicted curser of mine!

Jellyhead said...

Oh fifi, you are not a bad mother at all! A mother is not 'good' just because she races off asap to buy her dearest daughter an extremely expensive dress.

I love Leenie and little red hen's suggestions about sending said offspring away to peruse the options whilst drinking coffee in peace, then helping with final choices. Sounds so sensible and much more fun!

Good luck with the shopping fifi - tell us how it goes!

Anonymous said...

I don't wear dresses either. I have 2 - a whole 2 - oth still with tags on them.

Loved reading of your day and your 'lost' time. Wonderful.

fifi said...

Thank you for all the comments...

I have procured a COPY of the lost item, thus the original will appear as if by magic!

the dress shopping was Not At All Pleasant.
Long. expensive. Has driven a wedge betwixt mother and daughte. Oh the horror indeed...

but soon will be forgotten.

I would send her off to browse, but perversely, she will go NOWHERE by herself. It must be accompanied....