Thursday, October 4, 2007

in which the fish laughs

"You do look your very most splendid",
said the fish to the sea,
"I am overwhelmed to be leaving you: almost entirely, but not quite".

"Oh, but you are not leaving me", said the sea, with a whisper like fizz in the azure light of day,
you are not. I am with you always, in manner of speaking.
Perhaps not in my grasp, as I would like, but I will seize you as I wish,
if I wish, if I wish",

said the sea.

But the fish slip-silvered away,
laughing with glee
and was gone in the flick of a tail.

and a sillier fish
you never will see.

Photos: Playing, by fifi and jane Bowerbird.


jane said...

Happiest in water are we.
In fish-tank in pond or in sea.
A watery playpen
of mischief and mayhem.
Our souls bubble up to be free.

molly said...

I'm left here with a fish face in the the presence of all this fishy articulateness....

Leann said...

fishy post today.I love fish they are so cool.wish I could swim and enjoy the sea.looks like your having a great time.

meggie said...

Great pics, lovely words!
The colours are wonderful!

Pam said...

The sea in Scotland will be grey and very very cold...

But beautiful all the same.

Safe journey.

Arcturus said...

That was a beautiful entry and I love the pictures. Thank you for writing that ... and a nice counter point to all the sadness and pain I've been finding on the blogs of some of my blogger buddies in their recent entries.

Anonymous said...

hi fifi, how envious i am that you can be swimming at this time of the year. we would need a full-body wetsuit!!!

we are heading to coolangatta in 3 weeks time. wife will sun herself and shop, and kids & me will spend every opportunity in the water....

Princess Banter said...

Absolutely magnanimous! It's like a scene stolen out of the little mermaid!

Jellyhead said...

Bye fifi! Have a fabulous time!

itisthelittlethings said...

Have you ever considered a career in children's writing? You strike such a lovely chord. You're very gifted!

I LOVE those images!

meli said...

lovely, you flying fish! hope you've landed safely by now.

fifi said...

thank you for all those lovely comments.
I am far from the green sea now, surrounded by fog, but almost hysterical with excitement.

Hope you are all enjoying life, all of you, I shall post news soon.

By the way, bratty, that was thr most amazing comment...I guess blogger can't accept cyrillic for some reason, but I did receive it and was exceptionally impressed...and translated the first line! wooo!!