Saturday, September 29, 2007

If you have ever had a months worth of Very Important Things to do and only five days in which to do them, you may know how I feel.
It probably doesn't help that it is very necessary to maintain a facade of being completely in control of everything.
But it isn't nice to be waking at 4am hyperventilating as you realise yet another potential crisis you hadn't planned on.


I am trying my best to keep calm. I can't now even comfort myself with the vision of myself standing in one of the corridors of The Hermitage. I am sliding into panic mode.
Here it is 28 degrees and the light as bright and sharp as ever it could be, and the floor of the ocean visible through its turquoise curtain. The flags are out, the shark net bobbing around in the blue, swimmers lazily lapping out there for fun, all the way. The biannual Music festival on the beach almost here, the lifeguard returned and ready in place for drownings.
Russia and Glasgow seem like figments of my imagination. Actually, I myself am starting to feel like a figment of my own imagination.

I have cooked 7 dinners and only 20 more to freeze. I have ordered lunches, booked babysitters and cleaners. Obtained copyright to use the images in my paper. Almost finished editing. Written course content. Locked all my assessment marks i my office and givn away the key.Bought small plastic bottles and a little travel clock. I have not finished writing ALL course content. I haven't graded the 120 assessment tasks from three weeks ago.I haven't written the extensive instructions manuel. I havent checked whether I will be presenting using windows or mac. I haven't timed the latest version of my paper. I haven't checked to see wher my polarfleece hat is. I haven't bought locks for my bag so I don't get drugs and bombs in my luggage. I haven't photocopied the work I wish to take. I haven't decided whether to buy some civilised clothes to wear in scotland or just look like an uncivilised idiot. So much to do. So little time.

Her are your presents. You may choose which things are yours,


itisthelittlethings said...

You really are so like me, hehehe. It's amusing to read of a panic that you can understand, and even share, though it had nothing to do with you!
I can't wait to hear about your very exotic!

Shauna said...

omg what a logistical nightmare. but DAMN you are articulate in the midst of all this :)

Arcturus said...

I absolutely love your juxtaposing descriptions of the warm sunlight (I assume you meant 28C and not 28F!) and tranquil turquoise waters and the music and life of the beach all going on while you yourself are in panic mode. I so relate to that.

But it looks like you managed to make just enuf time to go swimming -- I am assuming, or maybe just hoping, that is you gliding in the sunny, warm expanse of clear green-blue water.

Fifi, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY DOUBT you could ever appear as an "uncivilised idiot" even if you wanted to.

But I am wondering why do you have to cook 27 dinners, though?? And what is this 120 assessment tasks? You have that many students??

fifi said...

Ha, yep. I'm panicking myself into oblivion. Bad characteristic of mine...glad someone else is like that.

Do you think so Shauna? check out the typos!

Arc, yes, its me. Still swimming, or I can't breathe at all. My gills dry up. I get up early.
I have more students than that, even. I have millions of them, millions.

And the babies need to eat, and they are being babysat by various persons, and I am trying to balance out the 10 boxes of Kraft macaroni Cheese in the pantry. The Mr Fifi runs a business, and gets home late.
And don't worry, I can do a fabulous rendition of uncivilised idiot. Without even trying...:-)

Pam said...
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Pam said...

Oh, and thanks a lot for the present!

meggie said...

Fifi, you would definitely not look uncivilised idiot. Perhaps you could go for slightly-eccentric-because-highly-talented-Aussie!
Keep swimming. Keep breathing.
And the Littlest Fifi people will survive.
When do you leave?
I wish you good luck with everything!

Leann said...

u poor girl,I know how you feel. its how I felt before my trip.I wanted to go but just didnt know if I had the strength to do all I needed to do to go.
but I asked for the Lords help and mustered up the energy to do it and was rewarded with a wonderful time.
you have a safe trip.and enjoy.
God bless and have a great week.