Saturday, October 13, 2007

in which the fish surfaces in the River Neva

By the time I came to the surface, I found myself to be a long, long way from home, the water dark and cold, my scales lost their silver and become shades of black and green.
I shook myself off, and set about adventuring.

I knew where I was immediately.

In the Hermitage, I whiled away six hours, goggling my wide eyes at every turn. I didn't even cover half the collection. I lurked in the lesser visited rooms, and discovered quiet treasures.

Having been thus dazzled, I was given to thinking that had I, once upon a time, glanced into these rooms agilt and dazzling, clutching my scrap of potato in my hand, and seen these wonders, I may have had thoughts of a revolution too.
But that's just me.


Shauna said...

oooohh so beautiful :)

Jellyhead said...

Wow, fifi, you're far far away in Russia! How fantastic it must be to see these wondrous sights for yourself.

Keep soaking it all up and don't let the dark sombre waters make you lose your lustre!

Anonymous said...

hi fifi, great photo's and i'm very envious of you. lucky you are that since the last time you posted, you have travelled far to the north, and half way around the world.

travel well sweet one!

meggie said...

Wow, you are so far from your silvery waters. How lovely to hear from you.

meli said...

lovely lovely lovely! brings back memories. at least the extravagant gilded rooms will keep you dry... (which would have annoyed the peasants, I see your point)

Arcturus said...

Wonderful pictures ... although I actually sort of prefer the Australian beach / sea imagery ones! I also love the fish-emerging-far-from-home and the channeling - a - Tsarist -era peasant holding a potato metaphors. I hope you are having a good time in Russia and that your hosts are treating you well.

Pam said...

Yes, I think the peasants might have had a point.

Wonderful pictures, though.

By the way, I know you love the sea, and so do I, but re your comment about the pictures of Joppa beach on my blog last week last week:

1) this is the North Sea.
2) it's VERY CHILLY even in July
3) it would be EXCEPTIONALLY CHILLY in October, despite the unseasonable warmth of the weather.
4) don't even consider swimming in it!

Continue having a great time in your peregrinations.

jane said...