Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sankt-Peterburg is a constant amazement, inside and out. Much of its beauty only recently re-emerging into public view.

Most of the churches are desanctified, though. There isn't much religion here, but I beleive you can hear mass at St Catherines.

Always a beautiful face everywhere you look, angels on the street and in the air.

and angels buying ballet tickets, with their mothers. How lovely he is. Look at that face, no wonder mothers so love their sons.
I miss mine.


Jellyhead said...

Great to hear from you fifi! The photos are beautiful.

Yes, mothers love their sons, and that boy is a real cutie.

Hope you can chat to your children on the phone and ease some of your yearning.

Arcturus said...

Beautiful photos ... And such pithy and insightful observations about Russia.

I'm sorry you are so far from home missing your son, but you'll be back in no time.

Anonymous said...

hi fifi, looks like you are seeing some beautiful places and people.
everyone in the photo's look pretty rugged up, - doesn't appear to be quite as warm and sunny as sydney.

no doubt your son misses you too!

meli said...

oh i love that church. and the angels with the rainbow wings. when we were there a guide told us that there has been a resurgence in religion in some of the young people lately - joining monasteries and suchlike.

thanks for sharing.

itisthelittlethings said...

Angels and sons...nice way to tie them together.

meggie said...

I always missed my children when we were away from them.
I know it is wrong... but I still do!
Wonderful photos, thankyou!