Thursday, September 17, 2009

a taste of honey

My father played the trumpet in a jazz band.
He learned to play it at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney.
I have never heard him play. Not once.
It was sold,that silver trumpet, and I was never told what that money was for.

I remember the house filled with trumpet music of all kinds when I was little.
Jack Teagarden, Louis Armstrong.
I remember when I was little the sound of Louis Armstrong singing made me scream for some reason,
Even more so when my Dad sang along. He did it to tease me.

Perhaps I might have liked  his trumpeting better than his singing.
When I was a teenager i thought jazz was so anachronistic.
Years later I love Louis Armstrong.

But if I ever wish an express ticket to babyhood, I can play this, which I found courtesy of Boynton

My dad was taken to hospital in the early hours of morning, incoherent and raving.

I would like for him to be standing on a rock in the sea playing the silver trumpet, the trumpet that I  never heard him play.


Mindy said...

Wishing you strength to get through this.

genevieve said...

Thinking of you, Fifi, and of the trumpet player. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Look after yourself. Your father waited for you to come home, it's a sign of his love for you.

Suse said...

You already have enormous amounts of strength and grace, I know.

But I send you more, along with love and blessings.

ThirdCat said...


ganching said...

I will light a candle for you all in the next Spanish church I visit.

PauloTheHonoraryFish said...

I feel awful, only finding this so late. But then I see those violinists on the beach, and I think YES, I would have been amongst them, somehow, especially last weekend, on the beach where I spent my own childhood, with my father.

I will play it more LOUDLY, when I can...

molly said...

Oh, Fifi. Fingers crossed your trumpet player will pull out of it. My own Dad loved Acker Bilk's "Stranger On The Shore."

Catastrophe Waitress said...

gosh, i'm so terribly sorry, Fifi.

curious said...

thinking about you and your dad, big hug

Red Hen (dette) said...

Poor Fifi...I've typed and re-typed about half a dozen messages none of which adequately express my empathy for you. I hope he is getting better.
My dad also played the trumpet in a band- it was how he met my mother. She thought he fancied her because he winked at her every time she danced past- the truth was he was winking at all the girls!! Luckily she didn't find out until after they were married.
Take care.

Meggie said...

Hope your Dad has the music he needs.
Hugs FifiXX

Louise Dalton said...

Love to you, Louise. X