Monday, May 18, 2009

The fish in conversation


she said in a solemn tone

are going to have to wear steel capped boots in the workplace.

Do I really?

Surprised, I looked down at my shoes, then back up at her.

Is it required by Environmental Health and Safety?

Not yet,

she replied.

But if you continue to do ballet in my office

and crack your toe on my desk,

it will be.


meli said...

hee hee!

so nice to hear the words ballet and office in the same sentence. (not so great about your toe though...)

Red Hen (dette) said...

Oh no poor fish! Must be that you are not used to the feet being far more familiar with fins.
I do think however there should be much more dancing in offices (or classrooms) but many people just don't seem to want to play or rather dance along do they?

Leenie said...

Nice watery pictures! And when did fish get toes? Did you go with The Little Mermaid and make some changes?? Nice shoes BTW. Would not steel toes make dancing AND swimming more difficult?

Unknown said...

Maybe you should switch to point shoes? Though they are a bit hard to walk in :)

Pam said...

Oh dear. Ow!

(My verification word is phien. How suitable for your blog!)

Suse said...

Those shoes are so pretty, it would be hard to give them up. But you would totally rock the blundstones with leggings and skirt look I reckon.

(Hark at me, I sound like a 16 year old)

meggie said...

Ouch ouch ouchie!!

Mary said...

I just keep staring at the paintings..

Noelle Swan Gilbert said...

how lovely, everything, the paintings, the photos, the words, lovely.

Louise Dalton said...

Hi Fifi,
I have just given you an awe-summm award for being such an awesome blogger! Come and drop by my blog and join in the celebrations!
Lou X

Catastrophe Waitress said...

fifi i just LOVE those paintings!
where is your work showcased?
where can i see it?

Unapologetically Mara said...

Yaaaaah to balleting in offices.

Pictures are beautiful.

Unapologetically Mara said...

I can not believe a word of what you said about yourself and clothes...

Those clothes you just ordered from London? Put them on and enjoy them! Really.

fifi said...

Thank you all.
i have not worn those shoes to work so far this week. I shall wear them tomorrow, and kick away to my hearts content.

Projectivist, i have submitted proposals to three separate venues for a show later this year. I shall let you know.

M, oh, i will, i am saving them for somewhere special...