Friday, September 19, 2008

moving right along

enough of that, says the fish.
No more of that!
Today is another day, and tomorrow another one still.
When the sun comes up it will light me up as I spin through the sea and all tears will be part of the ocean.

Anyway, I am off to the fair in the morning.
The College Of Fine Arts Spring Fair, I am.
I will be painting there all day and smiling at people till my
dirty blue face hurts.

I am going to buy an etching from the printmakers stall, or maybe two.

You are all invited. It will be fun. If you come, please say hello.


meli said...

i really really like these paintings.

have fun!

molly said...

Have fun at your fair, Fair Fifi! And remember, the sad and the glad are all the one......

Louise Dalton said...

Sometimes the best way to happiness is just to pretend to be happy. If your face is happy, your mind and heart might follow!

meggie said...

When all around you is dark~ look up! It does seem to work for me. Lee told me, it is hard to feel down, when you are looking up.

Says she, who has her dark pits to plumb.
I hope the Fair was Fair!

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy the fair.

I know how hard it is to be happy. But you will be again, you know. I thought I never would be and yet I am now - I kind of drifted back to it. I actually think pretending to be happy kills something inside.

Wish I could give you a hug!

Louise Dalton said...

Hi Reluctant Blogger.
In response to what you said - I agree that pretending to be happy can kill you inside - if you do it over a long period and you don't adress those things that make you unhappy. That kind if pretending really is poisonous. But as a short-term strategy, while you are waiting for things to heal or sort themselves out, a spot of pretending can be a welcome relief. Just something I have found to be true for me...

fifi said...

Thank you, all.

Luhlah, I do know what you meant: making the face and the feeling will follow. it does work. As does pretending you lie something, sometimes you find that you really do...
but RB, I also know what you mean, exactly. It is being something other than yourself, and yes, it truly does break bits off the inside of you if you have to pretend for a long time.
You are both very kind and I understand what both of you mean.

I am just a very lon playing concerto with a lot of minor chords. They make the music what it is, from the bass to the highest trills.