Thursday, September 4, 2008

the fish and the holy macchiato

I have some writing to do which is very important: Two conference papers and a seminar.
So far the opportunity to write consistently eludes me, small chunks of time set aside for the purpose are usually hijacked. When i claw my way into the zone, I actually come up with nice things, but getting into that zone is the problem.

But I delight in writng a nice sentence, or discovering something splendid that someone else has written.

The other night, the soundtrack to my writerly efforts went a little something like this:

the socratic notion of wonderment as a passion of the soul mum is
there anything to eat in this house can you take me to maddys place no thank
you i won't be needing one of those yes i will meet you to talk
about your assessment what time is waterpolo the aestheticisation
of terror in images of the sublime husserl and the life world
(please, WHAM! songs played on the ukelele! stop! stop! at least play the whole song! not that sam darn bit over and over)
i dont want pasta maddy is staying for dinner was elizabeth the first worse than bloody mary no I don't like that riff, no.
Turn that down please. What time does the game actually
start? oh, non-vicarious art, theres an idea: non vicarious art. Journeys and return. *cooks dinner* is there any cheese?
Wonder in the face of the world.
Something. The Numinous. The vital Materiality of Objects. The spectacular.

Damn that cut-and come-again-pudding of a washing basket damn it entirely yes there is a clean shirt. Look properly like you have mother-eyes.

what is that the cat has brought in?

What time is water polo?

would an ontology of wonderment be a contradiction of terms?

You get the drift. Anyway,
The lovely lad at the cafe at the College of Fine Arts makes me a coffee
double shot latte in a small cup and a green chicken curry without the chicken, not together of course)
without me telling him what to make. On Tuesday I surprised him with a request for a macchiato.

he surprised me with this:

I immediately headed off to put it onto ebay as a holy relic, but the desire to stay awake got the better of me and I tossed it down in one go.

Please excuse me if I am sparse with the postings. i am on the verge of hysterics.

For someone of average talent and intelligence, I am blessed with an enormous dose of determination. Not to mention a very strange way of thinking and the ability to transform into another species entirely.

perhaps that is the secret of life.

if you see me hanging around your blog, hit me with a stick and tell me to get home and get on with it.


Mary said...

Yes but I like a whip smart woman with an awesome vocab hanging around my blog!

genevieve said...

Hee hee, your macchiato has cheered me up no end. And on no account, Fifi, will I ever hit you, even if asked.

Ampersand Duck said...


get off your blog and get on with it!

(Good chance of seeing you on the 20th... if you're around. Will email.)

Kirti said...

Hmm, you were only there for a brief moment so I can assume you applied self discipline. I'm with the other; non violent and always happy to find you lurking! But get on with it anyway.....(just so you know I support your creativity)

Red Hen (dette) said...

You make me laugh your description of you trying to work is so familiar!!! Good luck, here's hoping that time and creativity actually manage to merge along with the manifestation of a little peace!

Pam said...

Ha! You're checking your comments! Bad person!

Very funny post, though, and clearly God (or possibly Humpty Dumpty) is on your side.

Me? Am I blogreading or making up schedules for my classes? Oh, the latter of course.

Anonymous said...

oh you're inciting me to violence! I'd probably miss if I tried to hit you with a stick.

Anyway, I hope you are making good progress with the writing despite the interruptions.

I ought to be working too! Perhaps I'd better get on with it.

Unknown said...


Try putting some headphones when you're working. Playing soothing aquatic sounds should do the trick....

But with you that might be even more distracting than the distractions themselves!

Louise Dalton said...

That made me tired just reading it! Good luck with it all! Lou x

meggie said...

I could never hit you, or send you home.
Loved the near religious icon. What a pity you had to drink it!

meli said...

can you use the big stick on me, too? i'm going now, really...

Unknown said...

P.S. Thank you for the kind thoughts.

Now, get back to work!! **hits fifi with his plush nemo goldfish**

lol... I wouldn't hurt Nemo.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't hurt Nemo! Or you!

**tosses a happy lobster at fifi**

I have a whole squadron of multi-colored octopi as well!! I think they're in the attic.

Not a good place for octopi.

Unknown said...

I could toss some puppies and bunnies... as well as some smiling mutant over-sized carrot plushies at you as well!!

At least they're happy, cuddly, friendly and play nicely (unlike some other beings).

fifi said...

you know, I wouldn't have thought that I would have been able to concentrate with all this smacking going on. Particularly since i seem to be currently covered in a pile of fluffy sea animals whilst I nurse the sore nose that &duck has given me.

I am about to condense 6 pages of nonsense into one page of finely crafted fifispeak. Thank you all your company, it isn't nice working alone and I am glad you have all called by despite my paucity of comments.

I think


I'll get it done,

but only just.