Wednesday, June 4, 2008

sit still: something is happening

The rain downpouring, the sky stooping low, sinking  as if to crowd all space into a thin layer.
 I am immersed in the darkness of it.

I like the drama of rain, but this time it is not just rain, it is everything, and rain in the middle. I swim in water and do not know whether I have in fact taken off into the sky so greengray the air. Everything smells like ocean innards.
The sea has reached up and over the cliffs, hammers on my windows like a wild thing. The sky disappears.

Tis almost as if all is to become sea, sky and earth and water all. Like something weeping, wailing, gathering up strength for an almighty howl.

Listen. Out on the dark horizon: something.
My heart thumps.
 No sun rose, just strange light.

A salute to something passing: a strange atonal chorus: deep in their beds the whales lie low, strumming their bass notes while the wild sky drives its way toward them.

Something is happening: an ending, a passing, applause. Perhaps some elemental calendar marks this stormy uproar, perhaps it is honouring some unknown thing. I do not know.

I am not sure as to what
The water is trying to tell me: something.



Jellyhead said...

I'm listening, I am.

Another entrancing fifi post....

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you hear anything with all that water in your ears!!!

I love rain on the sea, particularly thunder storms. We rarely had them where I used to live but when we did I always watched them rove about over the sea. Such power.

Red Hen (dette) said...

I have had the same feeling for the past few days!!! Something.... (but I am not able to express it as eloquently as you do.)

meggie said...

I like to picture the whales, deep in the ocean, at home.. perhaps cosy even. They must watch the distant storms passing overhead &, perhaps, wonder about such things.

Mary said...

I'm listening too.

Relying on you to read the signs and symbols though and to interpret the whale song.

Kirti said...

Are you the Wave Whisperer?

I think I need a month's holiday myself simply so that I may sit and go back to the start of your blog.....

Regulus said...

I have to agree with Kirti ... Fifi's poetic blog entries are as complex and multi-layered as they are sublime. They do not lend themselves to easy comments.

Of course, I tell myself that partly because I've been so remiss at visiting your blog, Fifi, and I am sorry for that.

You're awesome, Fifi.

Pam said...

Ah rain - magic stuff.

Love the dress blog. I almost became a clothes person while reading it.

Pod said...

perhaps there is a little familiar voice from long long ago whispering 'let go let's ok'

travistee said...

I'm listening.
I hear the entrance into mid-life.
It's lovely...