Monday, June 30, 2008

in which the fish is counting blessings

dear friends, just thought you might be interested to know

that the waves have been epic,,

the light too beautiful for any words I might scratch up,

and that I can hold a brush, and finish a sentence is a blessing.

To all out there in the world, I am sending

light and love and the beautiful sea.


Mary said...

I am all for counting blessings.

Is that a coffee coloured nightie I see floating in the first painting?

Red Hen (dette) said...

I love the blue in the paintings, particularly the third image, with the deep, deep blue. Beautiful. I'm going to take a break from my work and browse through your delightful photos.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I love the light in the last one.

Regulus said...

FIFI! Your Photostream Flickr pages are wonderful ... I think that's the first time I ever actually saw a full head-on picture of you. (Blogger was acting up earlier not letting one post pictures and I thinking of getting a Flickr account because then I think it is possible to just link to a fixed URL that bypasses Blogger. Whatever the case, Blogger is better now.)

So that was you in New York City? When was that taken?

These pictures accompanying this entry are lovely,too.

I still want to know about that darn "pool" built into the surf ... does the tide ever go way out and the thing just dries up temporarily?

You see, I have this fixation about seeing the ocean bottom. I would come to serious harm in a tsunami because I'd be running out on the wet expanse of sand as the sea drew back.


Anonymous said...

I am wishing I was by the sea instead of here on a sticky summer London morning.

Anonymous said...

Yes, even i would have plunged into the waves today (it has been scorching here). I love to watch surfers - I would really love to be able to surf.

What beautiful photos.

Pam said...

Thank you for those blessings so generously offered. The sea is indeed beautiful.

fifi said...

Mary, quite possibly, given the cycling of my clothes from self to sea and back again.
Redhen: thak you, yes it is wonderful. Your picturs are lovely too.
Pam, thanks, me too.
Reg: Hahaha, a lot os the me pics are a bit vintage I will put one of my contemporaneously frightening head soon. That was about ten years ago in NYC, i look really peculiar, who knows why.

I do keep meaning to do a pool post. It is always full of water, at high tide it is underwater. it keeps the sharkies out, but if there is cold wind the water i it drops down to very very cold whereas the ocean doesn't. I swim in both every day, but if it is really rough, the pool isn't really safe because you get dashed onto the edges of it.

Ganching you have been taking all those splendid walks you have taken. I am envious.

RB: you will learn to surf (she says, looking in chrystal ball) very soooon.
Scorching? really?

Isabelle, you are most welcome, and indeed it is.

meggie said...

Glisten & sparkle to share.

Jo Windmill said...

Delightful photos and luscious blue paintngs interspersed, what a great find your blog is!!

jane said...

well aren't you a clever thing you? What lovely pitchas. Always makes me yearn for the salt instead of the chlorine. Lucky for me I'm off to Scotts Head for the next five days. Yay! salt, salt and more salt...all day!!!
see you soon

molly said...

Blue and turquoise sea, and paintings too, and gorgeous scrolled metal, and shining, wet and luminous light....thank you FiFi!

Kirti said...

And the same to you too dear fifi for the light and love you feed us!!