Thursday, April 26, 2007


What could be better,

Sheet rain on the tin roof,
purple flashes of lightning,
curling up in one's bower and watching the spectacle unfold over the ocean, illuminating with each flash,

Rachmaninov piano concerto,
Number 3 in D Minor.
The rain smells like heaven, and sounds like applause.

Feet poked beneath the cat.
Book in lap.

I cannot say how much I love this.


meggie said...

OOOH Bliss!! LIfes free treats!

N@nc! said...

can i say that all are great?! ^_^
all is poetic!!!!

little things said...

We have had similar nights here lately. I have rather enjoyed being totally and completely alone, and staring at the sky as it lit, and listening to thunder.
It was better without someone else interrupting to ask, "Isn't this amazing?"

Shruti said...

Hi fish,
Hmm, just another wonderful thought from ur side..
I'm loving it...

Sharad Mathur said...

lovely verse and a lovely pic to go with it


Lisa C said...

sounds like a little slice of heaven... Oh, for some rain!!

Princess Banter said...

I swear, that's an awesome photo. When I look at it, it instills so much emotion in me -- loneliness, darkness, peace and silence. It's a mixed bag. Those words are beautiful. It captures the very essence of it all.

Arcturus said...

Stunning imagery articulately put!