Sunday, December 23, 2007

Carols by Candlelight

The best way to travel around here is by ferry.
We are going to participate in some carolling, on a huge and spectacular scale.
Ordinarily not really somthing I would do, but hey...

there has just been a summer thunderstorm to clear the air,
and a warm breeze blows.

At one point in the journey through the Botanical Gardens, (Royal, no less)
I begin to wonder, where exactly I am, is this my dry hot town?
Rain returns and makes the world green. For a moment I dream I am by the Thames again, at Sion House.

This peculiar sensation continues, even in the presence of the Surly child.
We seem to be in a dream-state. Warm breath rises from the garden beds.

We make camp near the Art gallery. On dusk the thousands of fruit bats lift from their homes in the trees in the Botanical Gardens, and take to the air. They all have a foraging place, some where. Some are on the way to my house for the night, to feast on my banksias.

The moon watches.

Fireworks are sure to clear the air of any bats who have been tardy in getting away...

and even the surly one is softened by Away in the Manger. She sings, she smiles, she manages not to turn anyone into stone with her gaze.
Who'd have thought. It must be Christmas.


travistee said...

I wondered where my Surly Child disappeared to for a time.
You borrowed her!
I wondered why I felt some peace from teenage torment for a time.

(I've moved - come visit me...)

Pam said...

The surly one is beautiful, though!

It's so healing, in this dark winter cold, to see such lovely pictures of flowers. I love love love agapanthuses - they will grow in our cold northern climate but I can tell they'd rather be somewhere hot.

Have a lovely Christmas, dear Fifi.

old_black said...

I have noted your comment to me...I had already added your blog to my feed reader list; I love it! I hope you didn't get too wet while waiting for the carols to start - it bucketed down where I live (Artarmon) & I thought for a while they'd have to cancel.

PS. I'll tell you about 20 years in academia some other time :-)

Suse said...

Happy Christmas dear Fifi!

jane said...

Such beautiful photos of your adventure. Have a merry one.

Arcturus said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, both the pictures and content.

Surly Child -- isn't that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' child?

I'm still just not used to the concept of Christmas in summertime, though. But this the joy of the internet -- bringing similar minded but far flung people together.

Oh, yes, I'd get rid of that Adam Brown spam comment -- how obnoxious.

meggie said...

I loved your night of Carols.
We have all had, or been, a Surly One.
O the angst of teenage years.

Lovely photos Fifi.
Happy New Year!