Monday, May 7, 2007

turret fish

This is a turretfish.
It has a bony exoskeleton, free moving fins and tail.
Its body is covered with stars tightly packed.

Waves wash the turretfish onto the tideline. They dry and harden in the sun.
It has very very sharp and pointy dorsal spines, a fact you may consider when removing one embedded in your foot.

Sharper than a bindii.


Leann said...

Hi fifi:thanks for stopping on my blog.always nice to hear from new people.that is the coolest fish I ever saw.and so pretty.I would love to go beach combing there.
I just got home from my get away,came home sat night.but got lazy and just enjoyed being home for two days.and today Iam cleaning house.
I dusted and did some other stuff I needed to do.
God bless have a great week.:)

meggie said...

What a beautiful fish. I love the stars!
And, as with most things of beauty, it has those sharp bits!

jellyhead said...

So, are you saying this fish was in your foot?! I hope not!

fifi said...

Yes, I had a fish stabbed into my foot. They hurt.
It is odd, having a fish stuck into your foot, but there you are.

Noone else seems to have this problem. I have a collection of three I have yanked out of my feet. they are only little, but sharp.
And hard.

jane said...

Something so evil can be so cute. It looks like it has been designed by Disney.

it's the little things... said...

it's so wonderful to visit blogs and learn something new!

meli said...

i like this fish too. but not in my foot.