Wednesday, May 23, 2007

in which Fifi herself has a sulky tantrum

tears fell, three times today, must be that sort of day.

I lost all my essay grades, my memory card wouldnt unload, I missed a big deadline I'd had my heart set on, a blues band was practicing downstairs, so loudly I couldnt think.About a million other things.
I just have a blue head on today, but tomorrow will be another day, and I will look brightly toward the horizon once more, yes I will.

I dreamed of printmaking last night, and that was nice.


riseoutofme said...

Roll on the yellow head days!

Like the painting.

meggie said...

Hello to gold & light.

meli said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day. I've had a couple myself - been wandering in confused circles in the library, constantly forgetting things. Hope it's looking up now. :)

fifi said...

thank you, all better now!


Arcturus said...

I'm sending you, like, 100 mega-watts of good thoughts and happiness.

What essay grades did you lose?

fifi said...

Arc: due to domestic disharmony and cleaning, the sheet with the grades of my 3rd year Contemporary painting Practice class essay went into the recycling. hence I had to re-grade ALL of them the night before. Sort of serves me right for not storing them digitally like all the others. However, I had left something else till last minute and consequently did not get a submission prepared in time for the cut-off. So I cried. It was a residency application in Paris for 3 months. I have wanted to do it for god knows how long . Am pretty entangled in domestic life through, and it would be ricky working around that aspect anyway. But still. I cried anyway like a big baby but I am ok now, cause I just proposed entry into an exhibition and I think I'll get in. *crosses fingers*