Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Yesterday the sea gave me many fine gifts.

Ropes of jade beads, three strands thick. Jewels to adorn my neck, my head, my arms.
And curtains of green silk to weave into my knotted seablown hair.
Sticks silvered by salt, the feathers of birds, worm-eaten shells.

But surely, I dont deserve these gifts, said I.
I should be rewarding you.

Look, sighed the sea ,
her warm briny breath fanning onto my ankles,





jane said...

You must be painting in your sleep. Are these all new? Beautifully watery you mermaid you.

meli said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! They remind me a bit of Claire Souter - have you heard of her? She used to live in Mt Gambier (where I went through high school) but now she lives in north Queensland.

I missed the sea a lot when I first moved over here.

meggie said...

Lovely, lovely gifts.

Isabelle said...

Wonderful picture. I love the sea (from the shore) - it's very soothing. No matter what our troubles, the waves just go on folding over.