Sunday, May 6, 2007

Eurynome. By way of explanation.

As a descendant of Eurynome, I am compelled to spend much time in the ocean. Those with even the faintest trace of the blood of the Oceanides display similar traits.

These are as follows.

An unwillingness to remain unimmersed by water, preferably salt, for more than three days. After this time a feeling of confusion and vertigo descends.

Frequent misinterpretation of the meaning of the language and intent of the 90 percent of persons among whom they live. Eurynomic descendants have unusual belief systems and tend towards the more fluid and cyclic rituals of major religions.
Therefore the worship of vessels is quite happily followed, such as that of the Eucharist, as is the practice of libationary worship, such as that of the Minoans, although this is largely out of common use today.

Kindness to those who are believed to be deserving.
This can be traced to the sheltering of Hephaestus under the sea, where he made lovely artefacts under the care of Eurynome. This trait is often seen as a type of naivety, whereby strangers are often adopted as instant friends, yet the bulk of the population are treated with amused incomprehension . This particular characteristic can be seen by some as a fault, but there are many souls lying in wait for contact with the Oceanidic female, and are much nurtured when they are found. They do not know for whom they are waiting, but can be very much soothed when this occurs.

We are secretive, and live multi-stranded lives.

The offspring of the Oceanides are not bound to show the water gene, although lying underwater staring up at the surface is a common trait of the very young. Males tend to have the ability to breathe underwater, but are less likely to show the other female traits. Every couple of generations will produce an Oceanidaic female. We teach our young in strange ways.

In appearance we resemble other people, but display in some way the essence of water.Most often have blue eyes, and hair the colour of driftwood. Some develop strange streaks of white in their hair during adolescence, and tend to be overwhelmed by love at that time also.
Our first loves are never forgotten, and remain embedded within us all our lives.

Although it is possible to domesticate a Eurynomic descendant, we do not live up to the expectations our appearance seems to suggest. We do not take kindly to restrictions, and tend to dream of faraway and otherness. We are very affectionate and amusing, but disturb others with our tendency to inhabit slightly parallel worlds.

We manage.

We usually find each other. Recognition occurs instantly.

We love ritual, and the creating of pictures, stories and objects.

Sea birds are attracted to us. Many kinds of fish also.
We are happy among people, and are very instructive, but dependent on the deep ocean, and easy to crush in the glare of the everyday.

I hope this has been of some help, for you may know others.


jane said...

Is that who I am? It's nice to know, finally. I can rest amongst the green weed.

jane said...

Is that who I am? It's nice to know, finally. I can rest amongst the green weed.

Markbnj said...

thanks for the update Fifi.

And the reason I never saw the original comment was the blog (study of a life--that boy) had the comment forwarding turned off.

no news is good news. just put an update there for you..

check out the "main" blog!
and the poetry blog

A) is that another of your paintings?
b) what a fascinating explanation of the Eurynomic tribe.

c) have you ever sold your work? or thought of selling it?

Markbnj said...

Btw, do you have a catalog/web-site, or flickr page I can see more of your work?

markb across the oceans (in NJ/usa)

jellyhead said...

Wow. I'd never even heard of Eurynome (being a complete ignoramus when it comes to mythology, amongst other things). You sound like an intriguing and appealing person Fifi.

Is this accompanying picture a close-up of the painting with your last post? - but at an earlier stage of completion?

Hope you're having a wonderful, watery weekend!

fifi said...

Markbnj- Thanks, I found the posts somewhat disturbing....! I was worried.
Yes I do exhibit and etc, but no website, this is it.

jelly: thanks and yes, it evolves with every night.

I had an exceptionally watery weekend, thank you, hope you did too.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Fifi, thanks for visiting. I found your latest post very interesting and something resonated in me.

You sound like an Aquarian.

meggie said...

I thought the Aquarian, being one myself. But there is Pisces....

fifi said...

re Aquarius,

no, you would never guess.

But I used to be a cat. For quite some time.

Steve said...

Great are very talented...a Euronome...I am very confused

fifi said...

ha ha, steve,

be confused, for nonsense it be.

grandefille said...

Thou art gifted, madame.


I'm glad to float alongside you in this large ocean, occasionally, and revel in your talents.