Monday, May 21, 2007


I have been simultaneously tagged, by two persons, Meli at Northern Lights, and Isabelle at In this Life, both of whom I have listed as friends in that column on the right of this page.

I find this tagging thing intriguing, since it's the cyber version of a chain letter. I couldn't think of much random information which anybody would care to read. The best one I have ever read is Ask The Bronte sisters.
Sadly, I dont have 8 people to tag. So I shall just tag JANE at This Bower My Prison, and that will certainly stir her up. Anyone else on the list would surely kill me. Everyone is screaming towards deadlines, including me, but I am doing my best to divert myself from this fact.
Hope you dont mind, miss jane.

Eight random facts about me.

1:My piano teacher used to call me “Miss Tempo Rubato” because I couldn’t keep time to save myself. We used to joke about many things, included the musical term “hemiola”. I retorted that it sounded like some kind of contagious disease of the bottom, at which he almost had a seizure.
Last week I found a CD he had recorded and given me. He had signed it “yours in hemiola, James”.

2:I am a really crap pianist. But I adore listening to others.

3:I am not afraid of snakes, spiders OR sharks, but the thought of being old terrifies me.

4:I can go to sleep anywhere, anytime I want to. It’s a gift.

5:I have attracted three stalkers in my life. When I was 15, 23 and last year. The last one was a Polish man in his seventies.

6:I have now taught people from age 5 to 65. I taught a masters subject last year, and one guy was 65. In this fact, I possibly equal Mieke Bal. I am currently teaching sculpture to 10 year olds, as well as teaching university students.

7:I was a vegetarian for many years, until I had a (psychotic episode)
dream where a Renaissance angel visited me and told me I should really eat meat. So I did. I still don’t know how to cook it, so the butcher writes instructions on the wrapping paper.

8: I didn’t know, until I was 22, how short-sighted I actually was. I wore my first pair of contact lenses, sobbing piteously, because I could suddenly see leaves all the way to the tops of the trees, the other side of the harbour, bricks to the top of a building. By then, my habitual squint was ingrained. I still do it, and have the marks to prove it.


meggie said...

What a perfectly nice list of 'things'. I love the piano story.
Stalkers would be a worry...
My daughter needed glasses/spectacles. She has been told her vision is for the moon & stars, not this world.
It may explain why she sometimes seemed very wary of people, on first meeting them.

Shruti said...

Hi fish,
Hmm nice tag...
Its good to know abt you..
Take care..

meli said...

Nice list - and nice photo - makes me quite nostalgic. I had the same experience when I got my first glasses aged 18. I could suddenly see people on the other side of the street, which meant they could see me too. Yikes. And stars looked different - little hard dots instead the soft ray-like star shapes I was used to. Did make reading street signs a lot easier, though.

it's the little things... said...

From one who is steadily growing older, and suddenly needing glasses, oh how your post speaks to me.
Very well written, and a good post whether you were inspired or not!

Arcturus said...

Let's see ... you didn't ask but I'll provide anyway ...

1. I've taken about 110 college courses in my life as I approach master's degree no. 3. And I'm still unemployed.

2. I can't play any musical instrument though I wish I could play the piano.

3. I'm very much afraid of snakes, spiders, and sharks ... and growing old.

4. It takes me forever to fall asleep, but once I do, it's really hard for me to get up. And I sleep with an electric fan whirling away. White noise and all that. Plus an air conditioner on if possible.

5. [no comment]

6. I've never held any job for an especially long period of time.

7. I like the idea of being a vegetarian, but the closest I've gotten is swearing off McDonalds.

8. I didn't know how nutty I am until I was 35 (2 years ago).

Molly said...

Have been lurking of late in these parts and love how you write. Do tell us more about your elderly polish stalker!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Fum Facts....

fifi said...

I promise to tel more of the polish stalker. He was the least dangerous of all.

aah, the stars, when one is shortsighted, they are indeed like soft flowers, and it isn't until vision is corrected that they become those incredibly tiny points of light. I couldn't believe it.
Prior to the eye test, I was in danger of being run over by buses as I peered at them from the middle of the road trying to read the destination.

sometimes we have this kind vision for a keep our noses jammed between the pages of books,( or to see beyond the here-and -now, if you have the longsighted type.)

riseoutofme said...

Vairy eenteraisting.

Envy you No.4.

All my life I've been able to hear the grass grow.

a kings cross muse said...

That's a cool list ....stalkers and meat eating angels.....
I don't even know what a tag is ... I probably should find out
I love that photo also