Sunday, July 15, 2007

natives and others in Narnia

There was the fox, one paw raised, silent in the snow. Her eyes golden, legs black-stockinged, she looked back at me.

You don't belong here, I said.

She slowly blinked, and twitched her ear.

I am descended from the First Red Fox from England, she answered,
And unless I am mistaken, that is not a possum-skin cloak you wear. You belong here no more than I.

She moved into the trees, a shadow against the blue light of the night snow.

The Eastern Grey lay by the side of the road. His kangaroo face, pretty black-fringed eyes closed, seemed as part of the land as the rocks and trees. the snow blew into his fur, and I heard the voice,
You don't belonga here, no, you dont belonga here.

The Dusky Antechinus ran out from between the wooden boards of the hut,straight towards my armoured feet. A brown pompom covered in sugar, it gleefully darted about.

What are you doing, here in broad daylight? Should you not be curled up in your nest?

I'm hungry! I'm hungry! he squeaked, and seizing the remains of someones's lunch, sat happily and oblivious between my feet, stuffing his face.

I went off to search for the wardrobe, the exit point from Narnia, and begin my journey back to the sea.

"DANGER, Will Robinson...!"


a kings cross muse said...

nice entry this one .... I like it.

and don't leave your coat in the wardrobe .... it's still cold at the sea.

meli said...

oh... can i have the dusky antechinus, please?

robi-d said...

I think Will Robinson should watch out! I expect another entry in the Archibald after all!

fifi said...

I am laughing about the Will Robinson comment Robi. I hadn't even THOUGHT of that...!
I am sure Billy Mumy AND William R. are both quite safe from me, even in the guise of a robot.

Leann said...

love it!!!!!snow....we been having hot weather.the lovely hot and muggy,s.and all they are good for is corn,and since I am not a farmer I do not need it...

jellyhead said...

I think you are a Pied Piper of animals fifi. The antechinus is such a sweet fuzzball.

And who is that terrifying masked creature? ;-)

meggie said...

Love this post!
It IS damn cold, down here by the sea!

Arcturus said...

Very nice entry ... but if you were referring in your last line to the robot in the old children's sci-fi American television series "Lost in Space," I think the robot's signature line was, "DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!"

See if I can out-do Leann ...


By the way,I love when I post comments on your blog ... your time stamp sez its 839AM tomorrow morning ... a cool 14 hours from now.

I'm a time-traveller to your blog!

fifi said...

ooh, I'm getting hugged all over the place!
Hiya, leann! Nice to hear from you!

Oh, Arc, I agonised over the quote, how embarrassing is that! And Robi-d is referring to a painter.


Warning! Warning!

Danger, Will Robinson.


Dontcha think I look like that robot?

Jelly, I was thinking you might have had something to do with little Antechinuses, since you seem to have an animal-magnet for a mother?

it's the little things... said...

How refreshing that snow looks from my hot and humid kitchen as I stick to my leather chair...

jellyhead said...

It's funny you should mention me and antechinuses, fifi...I held one in my hands last time I was at Mum's farm. Sadly, it was freshly killed by Mum's evil cat (my fault - I hadn't locked the cat inside, and dusk was falling)

Mum once found a lone antechinus baby left in a nest (in her chest of drawers!), and my sister raised it and had it as a pet for 2 years.

fifi said...

jelly, I seemed to know that for some reason...
most people don't know what they are, let alone have touched one. I love them. I love their frantically pointy snouts.