Wednesday, July 11, 2007

clear blue sky

Life continues here in Narnia. The sun has made an appearance today, the landscape is sparkling and white.

It is a good thing to be so tucked away here, with no driving, shopping or cooking.
I have no idea what is going on in the rest of the world except for fragments on the radio, when I can hear it. Mostly it seems to be stuck in the 70's, with Supertramp on high rotation, and local news. An accident in Berridale, or water in the dam.

More snow has fallen in the last ten days than in the whole previous winter, it was lovely to watch the fat flakes fall, and see the mountains draped in euro-snow.

At home by the sea the days are temperate, and winter is so subtle. I like to be here, the days so short and the sense of an extreme season, so different from home. When I return to the sea I feel reborn, the colours and the noise and the smell.

The world comes to me here: friends from all over the northern hemisphere, from the snowiest pockets, spend a season here. I have learned that it was a bad season in the Czech republic for snow, that the Red Hot Chili Peppers did a great concert in Slovenia, and that Sun Valley USA had a bumper season.

The Bear has abandoned his mother and has ventured of on his own with a gaggle of other children, and is currently trailblazing the peaks. I should clarify the fact that he came about 40th out of about 60 kids in his race. Considering that some teams had handlers and personal coaches, this is some achievement. In fact, I was chatting to a lady who told me that her boys were also competing. They live on the snow for 4 months a year, they bring a ski instructor and a schoolteacher, train every day, and in summer they go abroad for a few months, to the States or Europe.
I remarked that the children must be very good at skiing, and she laughed and said "well, they'd WANT to be!"

Anyway, Mr Fifi has arrived now, specifically to boss me around, but I have managed to give him the slip . I am heading back home to read books in the sun and gaze at the mountainside while the sun goes down. I am glad all you northerners are enjoying your summer. I am going to be in the UK in October and am looking forward to it.

I wonder what the weather will be like?


Isabelle said...

The weather in October? I can tell you what it'll be like: unpredictable. (But likely to be on the chilly side.)

That snow looks beautiful but not (to me) tempting. Long live summer!

I think that 40th out of 60 is great, especially since the others have been hothoused... coldhoused... or whatever. I'm all for doing things for fun.

riseoutofme said...

Beautiful BLUE BLUE sky.

Arcturus said...

This is the first reference to "Mr. Fifi" that you've made. What's he like?

Summer in Washington, D.C., mostly just gets on my nerves, but we finally had some good thunderstorm rains the past few days, ending our mini-drought. The downside is it is even more steamy that usual.

meggie said...

You will be missing your briny friend! Hope Mr Fifi enjoys his holiday too.

jane said...

The ocean is a little like melted snow at the moment, but as always, a kindly master. It let me slide down a steep green glassy hill yesterday, and I have a witness!
When are you back? There needs to be at least one other woman in the ocean with me...woosy girls...

meli said...

I thought I left a comment yesterday but of course my very unreliable internet (pinched from an oblivious neighbour) decided to die at that point.

I meant to say that it might possibly have stopped raining here by October. If you're lucky.

And that's a very pretty photo.

fifi said...

isabelle, Do you think I will need to wear all my snow -gear?!!

I prefer autumn to summer. (Too hot here, you would hate it. )

Yes I was quite pleased with the bear all in all, just a bit of fun, and rather a spectacle really!

Arc. Steam is good for the complexion I'm told.
Mr F and I have a relationship due to the fact we are opposites in almost every way.

Thank you meggie.

miss jane, shall write soon, I am about to join my friend, glad you have been communing...who witnessed your wave? Were you on my break?

Meli, I love rain. And I have bought an umbrella.