Sunday, July 22, 2007

reliquary of Saint Caddis

Look at this, it is a caddis fly larva.
It has been removed from its original cocoon, and placed into an aquarium laden with treasure.
Pearls, gold, turquoise.
From these things, it makes itself a new protective home, fit for a Byzantine saint. A grand reliquary for itself.
The insect enacts the idea of the project, in this process.

Look how it orders them into such pleasing patterns, feeling with its little insect legs to assemble such a grand home.
This was made by Herbert Duprat. I read this on Extreme Craft, which is just the best.
I love how the handmade is so often used to subvert the paradigm of the way we see things.

The article appeared in Cabinet Magazine.

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To a caddis fly larva, there is no difference between a pearl and a stone.
I love this "collaboration"!

Arcturus has been instructing me in the art of linking.
If he could just SHOW me, being the fount of knowledge, I'm sure I'd get the hang of it in no time.
Still, I feel rather silly. I want those little highlighted words, rather than all that very unseemly clunk. Bah!


meggie said...

Thankyou for those links, Fifi. I enjoyed seeing that little fly move those 'treasures'. I too love the idea that precious is what precious does!

Arcturus said...

But remember you don't have to have "http://..." written out in the link.

Inside the '>' and '<' you can write anything you like.

That is,
'<' 'a' 'href'=' "http://..." ' '>' HERE HERE HERE '<' '/a' '>' you can write anything you like.

(I used multiple single quotes so as not to make Blogger think I was actually trying to type anything.)

david mcmahon said...

G'day Fifi,

That is a great shot. Really caught my eye - and I enjoy photography.

Saw your moniker on Carol's (shrinkwrappedscream) site.

Yes, I can show you how to embed links. No problem.

Just leave me your email address as a comment on my blog and I'll tell you how to do the links in the simplest possible manner.

Always happy to help.

Cheers (from Melbourne)