Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In which the fish is swimming in spring

It is late. Not too late, but the sun is out of bed, and so am I,

Perhaps one might like to accompany the fish, on her sea-ritual this spring day.

It is bright and colourful, the flowers bloom from the salty headland, like a field of stars, not timid and soft, mind.
Brave flowers, which turn their faces to the horizon and drink in this incredible light until they shine with it,

In showers of gold and silver.

Perhaps one might to look along this stretch of sand on this spring day?

Where the girls are going dancing in the sea,

where the cliff rises solemn, and blue wrens weave the heath with the scribbling of their song.

let's go out now. I see the flags are going up, but i don't know these lifegaurds,
they are new.
let's be gone now, slipping under this wave, all fishiness called forth in the green.

out out out.
till there is nothing but us,
and the sky
and the cliff looking on,
of course.

all things forgotten, the time of day just bright enough to send
all pale eyed predators home to their lair
deep below. It's just
us out here, and the sound of the ocean breathing, listen.
If your heart is hurting
sometimes this sound will hurt it more,
sometimes not.

Lets head back to shore: dig deep through this part, the sea might want us longer. Be firm. We cannot stay forever.

No matter how much the sea might wish it.


ganching said...

Lovely images.

This morning here we have pewter skies and the leaves and from my bedroom window I can already see some brown leaves on the tree outside.

Jellyhead said...

Hope your swim left you feeling bright as the morning :)

little red hen said...

It was cold and raining again here today. I really like the 4th photo with the path going through the daisies and ducking around the hill. It makes me want to follow it to see what is around the corner!

bluemountainsmary said...

Miss Fish

Can I do a post like this on walking around my place?

You do inspire me girl.

Those photos and words just SHINE!

handmaiden said...

It's wonderful. I need to go spend a day at the Ocean I think. IT is too cold to swim but there are many wondrous things to be found on the beach & the wild ocean is beautiful to watch. Oregon beaches are all public spaces, so you can walk & walk & walk for miles

Anonymous said...

Oh it looks so perfect. I think I will have to move in with you.

It is a beautiful Autumn day here - bright and breezy. The wind makes me skittish like a kitten.

meli said...

yes yes can i come?

Isabelle said...

Those colours! We don't really do such intense shades in Scotland, or only maybe on two days a year.

Watch out for those dangerous currents, though, Fifi!

Regulus said...

Wow. Awesomely sublime and sublimely awesome.

But every time I read one of these quintessential Far Away Fifi and the Ocean entries, I feel sad (and a twinge of, yes and I'm sorry, envy) that I'm not there.

Pam said...

Very atmospheric.Loved it.Felt like a was bobbing around in the ocean out there, but the signs were a bit scarey.

Molly said...

Scarier than the river when you imagine the power of all those churning depths. You are a brave fish, Miss Fifi,and probably the best fish in all the watery world with a camera and words!

I longed to follow that boardwalk path.....

Bryan said...

australian pronunciation would actually be "rearly"

Much talking about rears latly. lol

I think I will order such a thing.

Lovely post as always.

Isabelle said...

I loved your comment on my Rockcliffe visit post, by the way. There's definitely a series in that, or at least a Mills and Boon novel.

How do you take those photos in the sea??? Waterproof camera? Or magic?

alice c said...

I return to this post again and again for the sheer joy of it.
Thank you.

travistee said...

I agree with Regulus....I want to run out and join you, and then I remember that you live in a beautiful land far, far away...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous images and words again. always and again.

Regulus said...

I'm repeating myself here but I just love this entry. The pictures and writing are so beautiful.

Bryan said...

I warned you. I did!!! I gave you a chance to forbid me not to. To tell me to cease and desist!! You didn't!!

Now it's too late. It's gone into production. Don't worry, it's not being mass produced. It's not for sale. Only I shall have one. A one of a kind original.

If someone asks... I shall tell them you broke my heart then swam out to sea... or some such nonsense. I'll make it all romantic and fairy tale-ish, whatever I say.

I present you with this. No that's not me, it's some other dork the program puts in there.

I'll have someone take a piccie of me and I'll send it to you after I get the thing.

fifi said...

oh my GOD Bryan. What a horrible thought, that my rear is walking around without me. If only you realised how old and wrinkled and horrid I am in real life, you wouldn't DO that.

At least it will repel attackers, is all I can say.

meggie said...

I love that deep & gorgeous green of the deeper ocean.
A reminder of the day I would swim far out beyond the breakers, & float, & float.

Kirti said...

THANKS Fifi, what a glorious morning, can I come along tomorrow as well...

Bryan said...

Too late. It's already been sent away for processing. I did warn you!

It isn't walking around without you either, my little mermaid! You will always be in my heart... even though you abandoned on the beach after having your way with me! **cries**

Biohazard my ass. (yeah, that's me, notice the bio haz thing that sort of matches my tribal scarab tats?). Old, wrinkled and horrid? I call bullshit on that one. You're quite pretty enough. I expect people to stampede after me wanting to know where I got it and who she is!

If that happens we can cut a deal with the shirtmaker and the photographer. We'll all end up filthy rich. Oh, sh!t, then the porn companies will be contacting us next. We cetainly don't wanna go there!!!

(OK, I need to stop. I'm making it sound crazier than it actually started out as)

fifi said...

what will people THINK, Bryan??????

fishporn? oh,dear.

BBC said...
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