Wednesday, September 17, 2008

in which the fish weeps for a day

Sometimes I wonder why I never seem to let go of certain things,
Especially since, at times,

They make me so profoundly sad.

Things surface from the indigo void and make me cry.

Then I think perhaps some things are so embedded
that to extricate them
might cause me to implode.

I will carry this with me always.
That is how I am.

How deep the ocean some days, and how dark.


bluemountainsmary said...

I hope the sun is shining on the sea for you today - to warm your fish bones and gladden your heart.

Regulus said...

Wow. Profound. I'm thinking -- if it's OK with you -- just borrow the words to this entry for a future post.

I like the new font size and colors you are using, but you know how crazy I go with the colors on my blog.

What's the story with the ocean picture at the end of the entry? I'm assuming it was originally a real picture of the ocean put through some sort of filter?

I appreciate your comments on my blog. Your drive about Sydney sounds interesting -- wish I could have been there with you for a narrated tour guide.

fifi said...

yes, it is a warmer sea right now thank you Mary. Tide comes in, tide goes out.

Reg, yes, if you wish.
The ocean picture was taken a long time ago, but I made it blue and grainy. Its a special picture.

The narrative would have been quite dull. really. It was a working journey.

handmaiden said...

Hi fifi!

About time I visited, eh? Lovely pictures. I live about 25 miles from the wild pacific ocean. Unfortunately I don't visit it often, enough.

What am I doing? Running for public office. I also head a local human rights/human dignity group that advocates for civil rights & against abuse by Law enforcement. My group has worked to get rid of a bad Police chief & exposed violations by a city law enforcement employee that resulted in them losing their job. Needless to say we are not popular with a lot of the local Law enforcement. They are a pretty tight group well used to running the show around here. Of course that is part of the problem, they've gone relatively unchecked for years.
As far as the citizens go, to some we are champions, to others villains. That is the meaning of the comment on arc "oops!" I mean regulus's blog.

Jellyhead said...

There are these darn indigo days that make us weep. But then the lemon yellow of a sunny Saturday morning comes and chases it away.

Hope you get lots of love on the weekend (and sending you some from me, too)


ganching said...

Sometimes it's best to let the sadness wash over you and eventually you will be thrown up on the shore scourged and sore but re-invigorated. Lovely picture.

meli said...

i am sending you some of the little yellow birch leaves that are appearing here, more every day. they will make bright patterns on the water.

meli said...

oh and that painting is truly incredible.

little red hen said...

I have had to make a rule not to blog on those days because I sound like I'm having a whine not poetic and beautiful as you do. I'm always surprised how quickly you can be overcome with these emotions too. One minute you are going along fine, able to look for the positives then suddenly the perpetual well spring of emotion flows over.

fifi said...

hello handmaide, that sounds very brave of you! Impressive.

Jelly, plenty of light, but the indigo is important in many ways.
ganching, yes. I do come out the other side a bit wiser.

Meli, I have a couple of those leaves, I do. How funy you should speak of them. And thank you, I'm glad you like it. I hope others do too.

Red hen, it is for those very days that I blog. For where else do I throw it? The things I say here are things I really can only say here. And look, you have all cheered me up. I am much happier in real life than I appear here. I think the interwebs is wonderful for that reason.

It surprised me the intensity of it. It shouldn't surprise me at all.

little red hen said...

Thats true you can kind of say more in a way and your blog friends can decide if they want to read or not but your actual friends can't just walk away after the first few sentences as that would just be too rude!