Friday, October 10, 2008

fish music

It's unusually quiet, out here in the deep today. All I can hear is the sound of my own heart and the ocean breathing.

The chatter in my head has quietened, just for a moment. Other things float up: that quieter music.
I let the waves rock me, and realise
I will never, never, disentangle myself
from the long strings of melody, the arpeggios and trills,
that echo on, and sing to me your voice.

Like a note which resonates forever, I hear it.

Even here.
Even now.


handmaiden said...

fifi, I feel some day you will just float serenely away on a beautiful blue/green wave .

I, on the other hand, will scrabble about the garbage heap, until I am indistinguishable from the rest of the lumpen proletariat heaped about me & raising my tattered (& smelly) banter, I will proclaim,
"Ah, the sweetness of humanity!"

little red hen said...

That's beautiful fifi, and a little sad.
I have only been busy because it is holidays all my creative flourish will have to give way to responsible/boring work next week!

Molly said...

Fifi---how do you take such gorgeous sea pictures? Do you have an underwater camera?? Or is that last one a painting?

fifi said...

Molly, (and Isabelle, who asked earlier and I have just realised I forgot to answer)
I have a timy underwater camera which I often carry about tucked into my swimming costume.
handmaiden, you will never sink into the muck...
and red hen: I am always infuriated during the "holidays", never get anything done....

meggie said...

Lovely sea pics.
I loved the holidays, freed from the riguours of 'getting them off to school'.
We kept our own vague timetables, & ate when we were hungry.

Regulus said...

Fifi -- I really hope you are going to include elements of this and some of the other sea-themed entries in the essay you have been struggling with. If I understand this essay correctly, all you really need to do is take some of your blog entries and put them into a single essay -- and -- voila! -- you're done and ready to go.

travistee said...

I was wondering about your images always amaze.

Anonymous said...

gosh, an underwater camera. I had never pondered the practicalities of your photos before - I think I just sort of assumed that they happened without thinking how. Silly really.

I love it when the chatter quietens for a while. I feel so blissfully serene. I can usually only achieve that effect with a large g&t though.

Isabelle said...

Wow, never knew there were underwater cameras. Astonishing. Wonderful words and pictures as usual.

Thanks so much for your new tv series on my blog, by the way! Hope you don't mind being guest blogger... Do you want royalties?

fingers said...

I always get asked to leave the beach when I carry my underwater camera in my swimming costume.
And I don't even have an underwater camera.
Weird, huh ??
Fifi, may I please link your blog on mine ??
The serenity of SF is a wonderful counterpoint to the horror of TWG...

fifi said...

Isabelle, of course I want royalties: we'll both be rich and famous. These kinds of things are very popular, you know.

reg, I'm slipping bits into a seminar talk, but the paper is on "The Shifting Sublime", and currently is 3.500 words which make no coherent sense. At all. Bt i'm giving it my best. The horror of midweek descends...

Fingers, you shouldn't tuck such things into your budgy-smugglers in this climate of moral panic!

And yes, you are more than welcome, though it may be somewhat repetitively emo-ish for you.

Regulus said...

Yay! Fifi and Fingers have become friends!

How is the essay coming? Feel free to email me a version if you like (I think you sent something similar to that a few months ago.)

Anonymous said...

yes, who'd have thought?

I haven't as yet referenced any of that content you sent me, only because I can't really find any artist specifically responding to it.

I'll be saying it, its a presentation. Its 2/3 there. The powerpoint is a nightmare of copyright and image access. Bah!

Pod said...

the top photo is wonderfully dreamy
i shamedly haven't ventured into the ocean yet...but i will, i will. i wonder if you will know?