Friday, August 22, 2008

a quiet song in the rain-speckled sea

Sometimes babies leave the world before we think their time is done,
But that doesn’t mean that they are not with us still.

The love given them goes out into the world, regardless.

The songlines of this place here are whale songlines,
A person of this dreaming travelled all the way from the Great Australian Bight. Bunna Lawrie, of the Mirning people, came and sang to the little whale before it died.

My small song was but a whisper in the winter water , among the songlines of these creatures. There are many spirit whales for him to swim with, now and always. Out through the heads, past Barrenjoey, out to sea.

Somewhere, in the speckled indigo depths,
Is the shape of a small humpback, which will swim here forever, singing.

Singing softly always,
wait for me, wait for me.

I will always hear him:

All seas are connected.


bluemountainsmary said...

Even far away in the mountains I can hear the echo of its song.

Pam said...

Thank you for expressing these sentiments so beautifully. They are what I feel but could never have said this in such an exquisite way. I am grateful to you for your ability to do this, and Bunna Lawrie for his profound respect for this dear young creature.

Jellyhead said...

fifi did you have to make me cry so early in the day?!

Actually, I don't mind a tear or two when I read such a heartfelt piece of writing. It tells me I am still deeply connected to the cycle of life - birth, death and everything in between.

Thank you fifi .... these are perfect last words for the whale baby.

Pod said...

i also had a little tear
another salty drop for him to swim in

Anonymous said...

I cried at the news last night.

Suse said...

I didn't know it had died - I didn't see/hear the news.

It's not often I cry at a blog post but I did when I read your beautiful sad words.

The painting is a beautiful tribute, as was Bunna Lawrie's songline. Thank you beautiful Fifi.

Regulus said...

Sorry, Fifi.


meggie said...

My tears were added to the song.

Bryan said...

It didn't really die. You know that.

Molly said...

Safe travels little whale baby....

Anonymous said...