Thursday, August 28, 2008

in which the fish struggles with words

Since I seem to have become utterly devoid of ideas for blogposts I thought I would choose some random images and post them.
This winter seems to stretch onwards, and I am enjoying the consistency and exrtremeness of it. It rains and then it doesn't and then it rains, again. Amazing!
It is the coldest winter for a decade. I love it most of the time, except at work the heating is inadequate, and I often come home with tired shoulders from trying to be warm.

I love the light. So oblique and clear. The sea is so green and icelike. The sky hard and blue.

Here I am painting. Well, here are my charming feet encased in shoes so you cant see the finny bits.

It was said this week that I had been seduced by turquoise and sapphire. This is true, and I am aware of this.
But I cannot attend to my charcoal practice at present, and will stay immersed in blue, even if PhD students feel that I have given myself over to a marketable force.

Tis true, but I feel safe in there, and that's the only place I do feel safe sometimes.

(photo jane gillings)

postcript: um, yeeees that sea-heifer is moi.


bluemountainsmary said...

IS that you Miss Fish in the last photo - what a luscious photo! Deserves framing I say!

And the first one took my breath away and the second photo inspires me!

meli said...

good to hear from you.

the top photo looks cold and lovely.

and blue isn't a 'marketable force' for you, i don't think. possibly a different kind of force.

Pam said...

Fifi is that you in the last photo? What a great shot! I need to email you about one of your photos in Flickr."The Monaro" Love it. Looks just like where I used to live.By the way, the red and aqua blue are my favourite colour combinations at the moment.Looks like its working for you too!!

travistee said...

Sea-heifer my &*()&!
You have gorgeous lats!

Isabelle said...

Goodness me that looks like a chilly thing to do! At least it would be if that were Scotland in the early spring. Brrr!

But it's a lovely picture all the same. I'd recognise you anywhere....

Pod said...

are you swimming in your nightie again?
god almighty...who's that in a nightie?

Regulus said...

Wow, that image of you in the ocean is absolutely beautiful! I love it!

And I'm a bit jealous of your winter weather since we're slogging through another summer here.

How are things going?

meggie said...

Love that pic of you in your beloved ocean.

I see nothing wrong with being seduced by sapphire & turquoise!

Bryan said...

sea-heifer? I certainly wouldn't use that term. Curvaceous. Bodacious. Or if you get little crude.... You're a MILF.

I don't go for the girlies...but that photo is making me question my sexuality.

fifi said...

hello all.

I am in both nightie AND dress, actually. one beneath the other. hich possibly demonstrates why my daughter is reluctant to acknowledge me out in the surf.

It wasn't too chilly, really.

I wasn't fishing for compliments re the heifer, I usrt reminded myself of Europa and the bull except being both rolled into one. If that makes sense.

hmm, maybe not.

Bryan: youre kidding me, right? It must be the lats. LOL :-)

Regulus said...

Concerning Mr. Bryan's comments, maybe it's like the Jimmy Buffett song with the lines, "Changes in latitudes / Changes in attitudes!"

I'm still waitin' for the entry about Sydney's ocean baths, although I saw the site you referenced.

Reluctant Blogger said...

You'd never catch me walking into the sea unless the air temperature was at least 40 degrees celcius.

I think you look very sexy and I have NEVER had a thing about sea heifers - so don't talk nonsense.

Hope it warms up for you soon. I find cold very wearisome indeed. At least you are heading the right way - it's downhill all the way weatherwise from now on in the UK.

Bryan said...

The lats are workin it. The booty is too! Yummy!