Monday, February 11, 2008

in which the head of the fish still rings with the sound of whistles and sirens

I thought at some point,
I could SO not wear that hat,
neither when i was that age or now,

and try as I might, I don't understand the rules

There is, however, something poetic about the colour of the water in a downpour at dawn.

Occasionally during a three day State Waterpolo tournament, there are nice moments,
especially since rain returned to the land of the fish.

Meanwhile, I get to remember life in small coastal towns

and glimpse scenes from the summers of my past

before things got a little out of hand.


ThirdCat said...

beward of jellyfish (if those photos are where I think they are, which they possibly are not)

meli said...

oh, i can almost taste that clear and splashy sunshine.

Molly said...

While you're thinking of your past---I have a challenge for you. No, it doesn't involve painting and it doesn't involve swinning. it does involve something else you do awfully well. Writing! Drop by for details when you get a chance....

Love the picture of the cat!

Anonymous said...

Wow the thought of swimming outdoors is rather inviting. It would result in hypothermia here at the moment.

Lovely photos.

meggie said...

It is sad to remember how it all was, before progress! The lovely wild untamed-ness of it all.

old_black said...

Fifi, I love that photograph of the cat at the window. The peeling paint, the rusting nails, the various prosaic condiments lined up behind the lace curtain (is that Jemima Puddleduck?), and the cat telling you not to disturb their sleepy holiday retreat. It says so much about our summer holiday experience.

travistee said...

WOW! Thanks so much for that glimpse into your world!

fifi said...

3c- jellyfish? hmm. Not too far north. Its south from me, but north of you.

Actually, its not any big secret. Wollongong.

Meli, the clear and splashy WATER made everyone's eyes red.

molly. ok, never one to turn down a challenge...

RB: I moaned the whole time. I had to sit on wet bench seats. For three days.

Meggie: that house is the last one left on the waterfront. the rest is as I have shown in the picture below. Yuk.

old black, AnD i was standing in mud when I crept up and took the photo. Wow, who'd have thunk it?

trav: youre welcome!

Arcturus said...

So nice. Sublime. As ever.