Friday, February 22, 2008

in which the fish reads a book and makes a nasty picture

Hello to the millions of Pussycat readers who have called by here from near and far!
The post Shauna is referring to is the one below.

Meanwhile, here in the land of sea and sky the fish swims on in its usual muddle.

I spent quite a while finishing a picture on quite expensive paper. It didn’t seem to be working, but I thought my horrid state of mind was manifesting itself visually on the page.
I was actually using the wrong side of the paper.

I have just read Dietgirl in one sitting. I began reading bits out to my daughter, who was intrigued, but had to stop because I started to cry.

I can’t begin to praise Shauna enough. This is the eighth year I have been her blogfriend: all it took was one random google search, and I was hooked completely. Who’d have ever imagined I would be still reading the story of this gal’s life this long? My son was two when I found her: he’s now ten. I might add, it was the ONLY blog I could tolerate reading for many years, since everything else seemed either boring, self indulgent or irrelevant, but since the blogosphere has bloomed I have found others that I love, and most of them are connected with Shauna somehow or other. All roads lead to PussycatVille.
All this time I was half aware that she had another blog, the dietgirl one, but I never really read it. The Pussycat persona was so sassy and clever and cool I never imagined her as anything but a completely amazing and together young lady: beautiful, brave, witty and intelligent…which she is, except perhaps for a while there, she didn’t realise it herself.

It’s been a while since I sat and devoured a book in one sitting. If you don’t have a copy, do you best to get one. At the moment I am the proudest Australian of the little ginger lass over there in Fife, who I am sure is working on her next book as we speak.

In other news

Some of the members of the fifi household

Are really not pulling their weight.


Anonymous said...

I wrote a post about this a few months ago when I got a sneak preview copy of Dietgirl. I too had read WNP for a long without realising that young Ms Shauna was also writing a diet blog. A really gifted writer and a lovely person as well. I wish I'd had access to a book like Dietgirl in my late teens/early 20s.

You Australians are a multitalented lot.


meli said...

it sounds amazing, i'll have to get a copy. maybe a bookshop in leeds will have one!

those naughty kitties don't know how good they have it. i spend each day looking out the window at the neighbourhood tortoiseshell trotting after passers by or sitting hopefully on doorsteps. it's heartbreaking.

fifi said...

yes, Ganching, so you did. I just looked it up.
It really makes you reassess the way you see the world, Shauny's book.

I think you Irish are pretty clever actually.

Meli, you can get it from Waterstones, apparently.
There is a link on the left hand side of WNP if you want to look.

That poor cat! Why dont you invite her in to sit on your lap for a while? I suppose my freeloaders think they are contributing to household life by grooming my face at 2am. They don't seem to understand I would rather they put out the paper recycling or something.

meli said...

i did the other day, but she just stomped around the kitchen and meowed loudly. i'd feed her if she looked like she needed it, but she does not...

Pam said...

Oh what an elegant picture of your feline friends!

Arcturus said...

"everything else seemed either boring, self indulgent or irrelevant..."

Uh, oh. I hope that doesn't include my blog!

What are the cats' names? And what is that stuffed toy they have there?

fifi said...
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fifi said...

oh, I jusr realised how nasty that sounded, ar, and of course I didn't mean it like that. I am talking about eight years ago, when I fished around for blog-matter. All of my current blog friends passed my test of readablility and interestingness, obviously.

That is a scary monster knitted toy. As red and scary as Nimmy (the cat) isn't.
Nimmy* is the silver one and the brown one is Babby.

*short for nimbus as in cloud.

Meli, though cat looks pretty bullet-proof, and probably can handle the outside air, I'd be slipping it a bit of food just for the chance of a pat.

Isabelle: elegant yes, and they are such the worst little hedonists these two. Sooo lovely to cuddle, or I'd have told them to both go out and get jobs.

meggie said...

Sigh. Gom assures me we dont need a cat. Or another dog.
Your cats certainly win in the looks stakes.

travistee said...

This is an exciting day! So a fellow blogger has published a book? Excellent news.

Pod said...

i love that stormy pic and i want to eat the cats

Anonymous said...