Thursday, June 14, 2007

the fish thinks of flying

I can tell when it is snowing in the Snowy Mountains, although I am a good 6 hours drive away.

It is the colour of the sea: dark steel blue,fading to pale malachite near the shore, the raft of cloud sitting on the southern horizon large and flat; that arctic breeze whispering through, and the sun: pale yellow like dead grass.

Even with the air temp 10deg, the sea is 20deg. I dont like the getting out: I peer at the world, nose deep in the water.
I was reminded of this:

"At night every river has a secret twin a ghost of air washing above the living water down toward the sea" *

There is a ghost, above the sea, betraying the secret of its warmth.

I checked my hunch on the snow-cam: hah! yes indeedy.
This is what I like to see.
Or not see.

A snowy blanket being woven for the fish to fly in.

Perisher Valley Snow cam

* peter carey "The True History of the Kelly Gang"


meli said...

Wow, you can even see the sea's ghost.

LisaB said...

What an amazing photo. It gave me goosebumps. You have a gift.

meggie said...

Another wonderful, evocative post!
Thankyou so much!

Princess Banter said...

That much snow?!?! I'm headed over to Oz in a week... please tell me it's not snowing that much :(

fifi said...

it is only snowing in the mountains...that's perisher valley, about 6 hours from here.
Here in Sydney, it rains. It rains and rains in such an unexpectedly consistent way , and I am loving every single drop.
No snow.
Wher're you going?

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh, wow, what a talent - painter, photographer, and a writer! I am so glad to have stumbled across your site.

Many moons ago, I drove through the Snowy Mountain, it's an experience I shall always treasure. I hope your trip to the UK will prove to be as equally memorable..

Big Pissy said...

I think your blog is too smart for me.

But I love the photos. :)

Arcturus said...

Snowy Mountains ... how lyrical ... and SNOW in the snowy mountains! How appropriate.

Has it ever snowed in Sydney? The Wikipedia article I found said it last snowed in Sydney in the 1830s.