Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I am currently overwhelmed by processes and needing all my energy to keep from stepping on landmines.
Negotiating my way through life can be a complicated thing.

I'm rather glad that nothing creeeped up behind me and bit my a*** off, like this poor little guy who landed at my feet this morning.
Always some reason to be thankful...

oh, and "The Art Life" blog has bloomed into a TV show.
Its good: watch it.
10pm tuesday abc.


meli said...

Poor fishy! I hope all that negotiating goes okay and the landmines evaporate soon. I don't really know what you're talking about, so ignore my advice if it's suicidal, but I'm pretty sure the aforesaid landmines won't actually blow you in two, so maybe you should try stepping on one and see what happens. Or maybe not. Take care though. x

Princess Banter said...

You can say that again -- I've quite a bit of landmines in my life. Funny enough, I'm the one who planted them around... and now, I'm paying the price!

meggie said...

Eeek! That poor fish! Not a nice way to go.
The sunset- or is it sunrise pic is spectacular.
You know how I am faring... it is all blowing up in my face, so I cant give advice!

fifi said...

I thik this souded more dire than I meant it to...thanks though.
I just have too much to do: working, studying, feeding people,managing the household, both children being contentious, trying to do scraps of writing, squeezing in time to paint, husband gets annoyed by any non-domestic activity, a framers bill for $1200, trying to submit work or a show,trying to exhibit and grade all my student's work, have nothing to show my own suprvisor on Monday....wondering if I actually dare to go on this trip in October.
Such is life!
Occasionally all goes "pear-shaped" and that is what I call a landmine blowing up.

shall pass...I'll apply myself to some housework and everyone will love me. (Except my supervisor)

meli said...

I know about being scared of supervisors. I'm sure they don't mean to be so scary. I always feel dreadful just before I submit work to mine. Now I have realised this, at least I know that just cos I feel dreadful doesn't mean I'm unhappy about the rest of my life. And yes - go on the trip! Is that about this mysterious conference you mentioned?

fifi said...

hi meli! I suppose the suns been up there for about...5 hours!

No, I'm not at all scared of the supervisor, in fact he is a dear friend who I used to paint with and hang about with...he's adorable. In fact, he says he feels stupid being my supervisor.
No, I'm disappointed I haven't been able to go forward with some of the suggestions we arrived at last time. He will love what I've done.

Not so mysterious, I don't want to get overexcited if I can't go. Its at the Glasgow School of Art, The Past in the Present, in October.

Arcturus said...

Taking off on Princess Banter's comments, where did the landmines come from?

And what happened to that poor fish? I see a world of metaphor in that image.

I'm assuming "ABC" is "Australian Broadcasting Corp.", and not "American Broadcasting Corp., so I probably can't watch it. As a general rule, American over-the-air television (which includes ABC) doesn't dare show anything totally lacking in any and all meaning, so it's doubtful such an art show would be aired.

What's the URL to The Art Life blog?

P.S. Thank you so much for YET ANOTHER absolutely lovely comment on my blog. I don't know how to respond to them!

fifi said...

hi Arc,
yes, a very metaphorical fish. Poor dear, its little eye was still sparkling. Some nasty took a bite of him, I'm not sure what. A bigger fish, I think.

Yep, ABC is the national Broadcaster here.
The Art Life is on my links column, I really like it.
I don't watch tv, but I made the effort for this.

Landmines? my life is full of them: (see above.)
Its called my life tiptoeing around issues and other peoples.

ThirdCat said...

I feel terrible, because that fish photo nearly made me laugh.

And yes to the landmines. Must be the season for them.

fifi said...


it IS funny...

look at its face!

it's the little things... said...

I was at the Texas coast this weekend, and thought of 'you whom I'm never met' and all of your lovely ocean-inspired posts and images.
Oddly enough, my daughter and I found a very similar looking fish lying on the sand, only his hole was in the bottom of his belly.
We couldn't stop looking at it, even as the birds began to notice free dinner.
As for the landmines in life, don't they just make you appreciate the moments when you're in between?