Sunday, June 24, 2007

dogs, cats and strange fruit

In Melbourne, I had a splendid time. Melbourne seems like so many places at once.

Here I saw an owl and two pussycats.

This piece of "graffiti" was very impressive. In fact, all the graffiti I saw was pretty interesting.

I saw contemporary installation work at Westspace, "Entanglement" which I love, created by that kittycat in the red hat.
It speaks of the nature of communicating, the potential for misinterpretation, and how two persons seek to become complete. The film shots were lovely, the boat-pod sculpture looked really evocative and secretive, glinting in the low light. it was woven fron vieotapes of the stars.Coal-grey and sparkling.

I saw the new show at Gertrude Contemporary Artspace, some very entertaining, but the piece by Tao Wells was very resonant and critically addressed notions concerning the US, the UN, and the significance of the official signage of the two. Didnt get a picture, will try and track one down.

I trotted down to the NGV International and briefly wondered if I was in fact in Bucharest or even China.
What horrible opppressive architecture. In fact. that whole block is oppressive and overwhelming.

But here was a noble little hound waiting for me.

Some of the more commercial spaces included Tim maguire at Tolarno. Boy, his work is costly.
I like it,and I always have, but the others didn't. Of course I have a liking for strange fruit, so there you are.

Much of the time I spent eating with, or running after, "the boys", as they chaperoned me around. Here I am, hot on their heels, looking like trailer trash with my winter hair.

Home again, home again, back to the fray. We just passed the Winter solstice. I was amazed how short the days were in melbourne compared to here. It reminded me of the time I went to London one december.

it's noice to be home.


meli said...

The pictures are lovely - especially the strange fruit. The boat pod sculpture sounds amazing. How funny to have overlapping solstices - you'll be leeching away our light now, won't you, little by little. Don't want to think about winter in this part of the world...

meggie said...

I am glad the winter solstice has passed, but there is more cold to come, which is not noice- even if it is longer lit! haha.
Welcome back.
One of these days, I will get to Melbourne!

Isabelle said...

I do like that dog.

Here, the days are long but at the moment they are also exceedingly WET. I can never remember such a cold wet June. Yuck.

jane said...

Fiona you are so mysterious...I love the tantalising photograph of you and your winter hair. keep 'em guessing mermaid. Thanks for the big photo. Its not my arse...its my head.

Guðrún said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, you asked about the northern lights, I can´t send you an e-mail as I don´t have your address but I can inform you that the northern lights are not seen during summertime because it is to bright then, it has to be a dark and clear sky so they can be seen and that is mostly in the wintertime.

fifi said...

meli, thank you, I must put up a picture of the pod, I didn't like to take one on the night in case it ruined the ambience. I was intereseted in looking at people looking at it. I was really surprised at how it lookd when it was finished.
oh,yes, meggie, winter has barely started, but i like the cold. I don't spcially love the dark, but as you say, that's diminishing. The food in melbourne is really good.
Isabelle, yes he is sweet, for a dog.
jane, it IS your arse. (scuse me)
gudrun, thank you for visiting and telling me.

fifi said...

by the way, my "e" key seems to be the one stuck at the minute. I know I type badly, but I believe there may be ants residing in the keyboard.

Arcturus said...

Thank God you're back! I was missin' your entries, even though I only understand about a third of what you're writing.

I actually helped write a "prospectus", as it were, for one of my advisors once intended for some of the folks at CSIRO in the area of integrated assessment climate change studies. That's the only reason I know what CSIRO is.

By the way, your hair is startling! But you do not look like "trailer trash" -- I didn't even think you'd have that expression in Australia. I thought that was a 'uniquely American' one. That's actually quite a nice picture, sort of Monet-esque, if I may even DARE to make an artistic reference without embarrassing myself.

I didn't realize that Sydney and Melbourne were some 960 KM apart by auto (probably about 900 KM by air). I looked it up based on your comment about the difference in the length of day. I suppose that really does make a difference -- about the distance from Atlanta to Washington, DC.

Glad you're back and that you had an invigorating time in Melbourne.

Oh, yes, perhaps you just a need a new keyboard. Your current one seems to have a spirit ... a duende ... possessing it that makes different letters act up on different days. Maybe it's spelling out a message!