Wednesday, December 24, 2008

When Santa Came To Nippers

To all who pass this way from near and far,
this fish wishes
a wonderful christmas to you all,
may you all feel blessed
and happy,
and if you don't,
I shall send blessings and happiness your way.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish we had sunshine.

My sons are looking forward to Nippers.

Have a wonderful Christmas my lovely Fifi xxx

little red hen said...

Wishing you a merry christmas, welcoming your blessings as I am experiencing some yule tide mixed emotions!

Zephyr said...

Merry Christmas from New Jersey!
Seeing those pomegranate seeds warms my heart. I grew up with pomegranates...a couple of thousand miles west of here...and miss them sooooo much. was a gift stumbling in here from Suse's. So. Thanks!

Suse said...

Ooh look, there's Zephyr just above me!

Happiest of Christmases to you Fifi love.

Shauna said...

merry christmas dear fifi :)

curious said...

Merry Christmas, Fifi, this was my first christmas in a decade without ocean and it felt rather odd

Pam said...

Wishing you a happy holiday season Fifi and many more friendly dips in your beloved (when it behaves itself!) ocean this summer.

Fusion said...

Hope your Christmas was grand fifi, mine was nice and quiet.
A comment made in the last post about how much lower key the holiday is down under rang so true, that is another reason I enjoyed Christmas in Melbourne last year, er that and the nice warm temperatures!

Molly said...

Hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas Fifi! I've missed reading your dialogs with that rascal sea. M-I-L has put off dying for another time and is home......Looking forward to whatever you write in 2009!

the projectivist said...

I shall be down there with my mini-nipper this year! Looking forward to it.

Poor, poor Santa - sweating like there's no tomorrow in that suit! But i bet it was worth it to see those happy faces.

Happiest of New Years to you, fifi.

Regulus said...

A belated Happy/Merry Xmas to you, Fifi!

fingers said...

At XMAS, may this fish avoid getting stuffed with herbs, lemon and garlic, wrapped in foil and placed on a BBQ...

Rita said...

Happy belated Holidays! & Damn glad they are almost over!

What the heck are nippers?

fifi said...

Apologies for my lack of responses /posting...I have lost the will to either move or think.

RB, I am sure sunshine will make an appearance. I hope you have a very happy time and I look forward to seeing those little guys in nipper hats...

Red Hen, thank you, and I have very mixed feelings also. I think all grown ups probably do, mainly about who is absent from the christmas table, in my case, my inability to make a special day like those I used to have.

Zephyr, How lovely to meet you, any friend of suse is my friend also. Shall call by soon.

Suse, happy to you always and hope you enjoy your seaside holiday.

Shauna! Happy Scottish sausages to you!

Curious, why was this so? It would be odd to have christmas without the sea.

Pam, wishing you happy times also, hope to catch up with you soon.

Fusion, I trust you had a wonderful day, I hope to visit Idaho one winter. I do like Christmas here, though I have had a couple of white ones which were very charming.

Molly, SO good to hear from you, what a christmas you have had!

Projectivist, a mini-nipper is a very cute thing, especially in the hat. My large nipper did a patrol on christmas day, all the younguns love to do this in their Santa hats.

Reg: Thank you. Hope your holiday is relaxing.

Fingers: hahahah, maybe that's why i keep getting BBQ invites??? No kidding, they said they were doing salmon on Friday. I'd best wear flameproof clothing.

Rita! Little Nippers is junior surf life saving, they train to be lifesavers or just not drown. Every beach has a club which runs it. :-)

Isabelle said...

Not drowning seems like such a good idea.

That was a sad little post, Fifi. Hope you're ok. I would recommend stroking a cat; always cheers me up at least a bit.

fifi said...

oh, Isabelle, I did not mean it to be a sad post!

But i am stroking the cat, having lovingly hand fed it the remains of my dinner. :-)

ganching said...

Ooh my comment got eaten. I hope you had a very good Christmas. I visited the sea twice over Christmas and saw frost on the beach. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Happy New year to you, and hope you have an amazing 2009, you deserve it!

meggie said...

Happy New Year dear Fifi!

Pod said...

wishing a silly smooth satisfying saucy successful new year upon ye

meli said...

happy new year fifi!!!

(word verification: scussess, which means success will be yours in all your endeavours)

Bryan said...

Happy Christmas and may the new year bring you all the best!

Sorry I didn't pop in sooner... I was trapped under a sofa.