Monday, May 19, 2008


all this talk of flowers in the elsewhere lands has made me wistful for flowers.
So I went and found myself some hyacinths, pink ones even, here they are in the first light of day.

and some geraniums, just right for the seaside.

And a spectacular show of Lilies appeared on my table.

I photographed them all, then felt rather sheepish, when my dear Banksia tree revealed to me, on my way down the front path, that it had its own show of blooms shining in the sun.

I felt mean that I had overlooked them.

But a houseful of flowers is a nice way of celebrating
Northern Spring in the Great Southern Land.


travistee said...

I still can't get over that your seasons are the opposite temps of ours....from your lovely images, we look quite the same today!

Frogdancer said...

Oooo... that last photo is divine!

little red hen said...

I am feeling much better, thank you! That cream banksia is lovely and I am particularly fond of the good old geraniums- always cheery!

bluemountainsmary said...

Cream banksias? Cream ? How on earth have I missed them?

They do not seem to exist up here!

jellyhead said...

Ah - wonderful, glorious flowers!

So tell us then - who gave you the lilies, hmmmmmmm?!

Anonymous said...

I wish I noticed things more. I never seem to see things - flowers, landscapes. I see people but that is about all. I don't mean I have eyesight problems - I just don't notice things.


Can't wait to be in Australia next year though. The whole idea of having seasons at the "wrong" time of year is very exciting.

Isabelle said...

The Tiny Northern Land thanks you for your salutes.

Strangely, we have hyacinths blooming in the garden right now (late ones). We have crossover!

ganching said...

Lovely! I am lying in bed looking at geraniums, fuchsias and pansies in my window box.

alice said...

What a stunning banksia. I will be adding them to my wish list, for that is a divine image. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I am so glad to have found a new friend.

alice c said...

Can it be possible that you live so close to the sea. I am consumed with envy. How can you ever turn away to do ordinary things?

meggie said...

That Banksia is glorious. I admired a Gold one yesterday, paid it homage, in passing.
Flowers are always wonderful gifts.

Regulus said...

Wow. Stunning floral displays.