Friday, May 23, 2008

cliffs of the heart

here is a look into my charcoal universe,

drawings which are becoming an animated installation.

As I draw i think with my fingers and my heart I listen to poems in my head I think of things far far away.

Sometimes things might bubble up and out.

I am hearing rainer maria rilke, about things which can bloom on the cliffs of the heart.

My far horizon,

shadows clouds sky created with the residue of fire.

all drawings create the presence of the absent,

all of them.


jellyhead said...

You amaze me fifi. These are wondrous and mysterious.

Hope all is well in fifi-land.

Hugs to you

little red hen said...

I am particularly drawn to the one with the boat. I am envious of your imagination!

meggie said...


I wish I had your vision.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love, love, love those, particularly the top one.

I only ever remember anything in black and white and only really ever wear black and white. I don't know what it is but I find colour a bit much sometimes - it forces it's way into my head and makes me feel a bit tired. Whereas black and white makes me feel all soothed.

meli said...

these are gorgeous fifi. and they're going to be animated?? oh....

meli said...

oh and i just remembered what i meant to comment the first time i read this, a quote from a poet i'm writing about at the moment (kevin hart):

'art and presence are profound enemies'. (or actually he may be quoting someone else). about how art and absence always go together...