Monday, April 14, 2008


Here is the rain, storming down on the sea.

Here are the drops, seen by the fish from under the water

and with eyes just above.

and here is the rain as it looks

in the lino print that I am doing, sitting at the table,
watching the rain out the window.


ganching said...


Anonymous said...

I love rain on water. You do take amazing photographs.

We've had bouncy rain (as my son calls it) here - hailstones - today.

meggie said...

I am just a bit grumpy with the rain today.

Amazing photos.

jellyhead said...

Beautiful shots, lovely lino print fifi.

meli said...

yes rain in leeds too - yours is much more romantic!

handmaiden said...

A lovely perspective of rain. It's nice to be reminded of the beauty of ordinary things. Where I live in the Pacific Northwest it rains more often then not. I see the beauty of it in how it helps create our primordial looking forests more then anything.
Generally, I just hope for sunshine & worry about it slopping down my neck.

Molly said...

Lovely! I remember when I was a child reading about lino cuts and thinking how cool it sounded. My attempts were feeble....Wish I'd stuck with it...I always love the effect.

Leann said...

the rain is washes away thedust and brings may flowers.I love to see it fallingout my window.or fall asleep to it tapping on the roof.
thanks for sharing with us.

Molly said...

Ready when you are, Fifi! What supplies do I need?

Isabelle said...

Brrr! Or possibly not, since I suppose you maybe don't do brrr much. Here in my study, the rain is beating on the windowsill and it's jolly cold for mid-April. I shall not be doing any swimming in the sea.

But as usual, you see the beauty in everything.

Regulus said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures, as ever. And you know I'm a particular fan of rainy days, rainy nights even more, whether in the city or by the sea.

(It's me, Fifi!)