Monday, April 28, 2008

In which the fish is teaching Molly to make a Linoblock print.

This is for molly, but you may all join in and play if you want to.

Things you need for linoblock printing

If you wish to make Lino prints, you will first need to get these things.
(don't forget to click on the pictures so you get a good look at everything.

There are lots of kinds of lino. some is very rubbery, some you can use both sides of, whatever kind you get make sure it is flexible and not hard as a rock. If it doesn't bend easily, it's too hard. Silk cut is a good brand to buy. I use lots of different kinds.
A little packet of tools with different sized blades is good and some kinds come with a little sharpening stone in the pack. This is good too.
You will need also a packet of disposable surgeons gloves, and a piece of plate glass or a big shiny tile to roll your ink out on.

The paper you will need has to be soft and fine, like rice paper. I have found that foreign language newspapers can be nice, as can the pages of a phone book, but they are high in acid and therefore will yellow easily.
A roll of white rice paper is the best thing but gather some bits of nice printed or coloured paper for some chine colle.

If you can't, get the lino or the tools, you can kit yourself out with one of those foam trays that various food items are packaged in, and a sharp wooden skewer. Then at least you can make something, and it's practically free.

You will also need a picture to draw onto the lino. You will be drawing in onto the lino with a WHITE pencil. Your design can be someting simple, and remember that with this technique, sophisticated is not always the most successful. Blockprints have a lovely rough hewn quality to them. Your drawing can be tonal or just shapes.
Why not do a bird? Or something from the garden or sitting on the windowsill?

I hope some of you may want to play this game but as a kind of a meme, it IS a bit more um, physically material.

tell me when you're ready. Off you go....


bluemountainsmary said...

I used to love doing these at school.

I am with you in spirit.

I just cannot afford to start another obsession!

genevieve said...

Hmm, I wouldn't mind, when work settles down a bit. Lovely idea.
Although I do like looking at other people's instead of doing my own - that fish is great.

fifi said...

Oh, goodness me, I am possibly only doing this as a diversionary tactic: I have 26 essays on Social Commentary in Contemporary Painting Practice sitting next to me, and they seem to make this blockprinting project suddenly so VITAL, SO IMPORTANT !!

Indeed, look on in wry amusement.


little red hen said...

I love your prints. Thanks for coming to visit my blog! I hope to be making more things myself. I've just been told that my studio has approval from the council and I do not have to pull it down after all. Thank goodness! Print making, painting and jewelery in silver are on the top of my to do list! (In my spare time, after my programmes and reports are written)

one little acorn said...

Thanks for the mini tutorial. I am doing an Arts course at the moment (2 days a week for 16 weeks) and next week we start print making. Very excited about it, as I love it's simplicity and bold statement.

Your post is very inspirational. thanks

meli said...

that looks like a lot of fun! i bet you could do a nice paraglider...

Isabelle said...

That does look fun. We did one linoprint at school, but I don't remember what it was of. It was quite hard work doing the cutting, though. I do remember the smell.

I liked the swishy noise of the inky roller too.

Molly said...

Among my errands today will be a visit to the art supply store!! As someone above mentioned, I really shouldn't be starting on another possible obsession, but if not now, when?? Thanks for being willing to give me a push...Will report back soon!.... Yours are so lovely---I hope mine won't be too depressingly awful!

bluemountainsmary said...

Fifi - RUN to the book store and look at the cover of the new Tim Winton book.

All I could think of was you!

Anonymous said...

Their lovely Fifi.

Refreshing, with their simplicity, and graphic quality, love them.

Sometimes the simple graphic image, unencumbered with overtones of modernity, speak to the heart.

The glistener, 'cause I can't remember my password

meggie said...

I would love to try this. Just no time at present.
Oh how I have missed your lovely writing! I am about to have some time to catch up.

fifi said...

Little Red Hen, how lovely to have a studio, it sounds romantically ramshackle and desirable.
Mine is Industrial and factory like, but I love it anyway.

Meli, that is a nice idea...I just might do that, you see, I know where I could find pictures to work from.

Isabelle, you know, I was wondering how I could define the "right" sound o ink on roller. It has to be a particular sound. I always refer to the noise, and your comment made me think on the idea of how much I rely on my idiosyncrasies when I am showing something, and these are hard to put in words.

Molly, the thing with these prints is that they all look lovely, for many different reasons.

Mary. I am delighted that you thought of ME when you looked at HIM!!! ha ha.

Glistening one it is always a pleasure to have you here. Thank you for that nice comment.

Meggie, hope you are felling better now. It's nice to have you back.

little red hen said...

When I demonstrate lino print making to the kids at school I tell them the ink needs to make a 'kissy kissy' sound, you know, like you would to a kitten or nanna's do to a baby. I usually demonstrate it at this point. That usually makes them laugh and go all silly but they never forget the right consistency for the ink on the inking plate!

fifi said...

oh, bless!
I haven't heard THAT one before, though I have tried to sing it. Or said "not the blah blah noise"

How little were the children? I havent dared to do it with less than 10 year olds.