Monday, March 3, 2008

in which the fish keeps its distance

Here are waves that arrived here this morning,
in formation: great, long curling lines.
They roared in from the southern seas with a deep rumbling and rolling growl.

Just the look of them, just the smell of them, their exhaled breath straight from the deepest secret seabed
was enough to send that thrill of adrenaline through ones bones.

But not even this fish would have attempted to surf them. Even had someone not stolen my fishes-eye goggles.

But, look, in the centre there, in the distance, there was someone, way out , braver than this fish...

maybe tomorrow.


Molly said...

I envy you, seeing those waves every day.But I would not be brave as you....

bluemountainsmary said...

Yes like Molly I envy you too !

And again like Molly I would not be that brave - a little swim close to shore maybe but a big ocean swim?


meggie said...

Rather intimidating! Is the water cold, from the deepest depths from the South?

handmaiden said...

Lovely, it reminds me of my favorite bay. The ocean water off the coast where I live in the Pacific Northwest is fairly cold all year around about 56 degrees. it doesn't stop anyone from playing in it, though. Esp. children & dogs.

meli said...

oh, the sea...

Isabelle said...

I love the sea too but those pics look a bit too Scottish for me.

Hope the Reasons have dispersed a bit.

Like your daughter's Shakespeare project! Do you think WS might have known a few words that he didn't actually get round to using in his plays?

Arcturus said...

Hi Fifi,

How are you doing? I'm, eh, eh.

How is teaching going? I imagine you are so busy. As always, the pictures you post are so nice, and the written words accompanying them lyrical.

I don't think that inner creative fire you have has gone out at all.

Oh, yes, I am sorry for my previous blog entry -- I hope you didn't read it until after I posted the later one.

old_black said...

ahhh Fifi, that first photograph is just brilliant. Thanks.

That makes me wonder....your main visual medium is paint of some sort, isn't it? you or have you considered using photography in places other than this blog? (this blog being the only place I knowingly encounter you or your work)

fifi said...

Molly, I am only so brave...

blue mountains mary, sometimes it is safer out to sea.

meggie: I am sure you would love a dip in there, the water is as warm as warm can be. The big waves are generated by wind, and have not dragged up the icy layers from the bottom, as sometimes they do.

Handmaiden, The Pacific northwest sounds like a place I would love. well. I do know I would love it. I have an obsession about Canada at the minute and was thrilled to read "Nova Scotia"in my stats...ooooh.

Isabelle, she lost the essay somehow, it deleted itself. She rewrote it, without that piece of info, but also, sadly, without all the references to "As you Like it" . ah well. Blame technology.
and truly, that water is certainly not Scottishish.

Arcturus. I am ok, I hope YOU are! you are as nutty as me!! I am glad you like the posts. I like yours

Old black. Thank you! Yes, I usually paint or draw, in oil, watercolour and charcoal though I am going to be using photographic images of the paintings in a project.

Shoufay said...

I imagine the first image would be transformed into a lovely charcoal looks like one already.