Monday, March 31, 2008

in which the fish hatches a seaguardian and forgets her correct attire

As of Sunday, there's a new Lifesaver round here,
She's the youngest one, she tells me.

So if there's to be any drowning, she will be having very terse and surly words.
You've been warned.
NO drowning.

In other news, I have a very nice nightie. Coffee coloured satin, with pale blue lace trim and thin straps.

When I took off my hoodie yesterday morning at the beach, to go for a swim,
I still had it on, instead of my swimming costume.


jellyhead said...

Tee hee, did anybody see the silky nightie?

So, your daughter is a lifesaver, huh? That's impressive! I shall remember not to doing anything so annoying as floundering or swallowing water, should I come by your way.

I love that last photo... it's an awe-inspiring wave.

Have a lovely week dear fifi.

Molly said...

Ha! You forgot to wake up before you headed to the beach. I'm envious that you're so close, but personally, I'd have to have coffee first, which would ensure that I was awake, which would ensure that I was appropriately attired, which would ensure that I wouldn't scare the little fishies, but since you are one of them I'm sure they wereperfectly fine with your swimming by in a lace-trimmed, coffee-coloured nightie.....

bluemountainsmary said...

er. Lovely nightie - not sure it wanted to go to the beach though.

Gorgeous photos - you are inspiring me for when we head up north for a couple of weeks.

Arcturus said...

I'm not sure what the first picture is showing but it looks really cool. The other pictures also look really amazing. How did you ever photograph the second one, which I'm guessing is you in a wave?

meli said...

those photos are incredible. i never get tired of photos of water. something that is always moving made still. (and filled with people and toes!)

when i was a kid i was delighted by a certain museum exhibit that included some fake plastic ocean with waves. transparent but set. i would touch it when no one was watching.

fifi said...

yes, all the crew. Crusty old swimmers, all.
You have a lovely week too.
Molly, no excuse, I had had some coffee but obviously still non compus mentus.
Mary, thank you. No, not something I would normally wera. I have done it before though, I shuffled down in the predawn in my pyjamas.
Have fun up north.
Arc, Last photo is friend of the daughter swimming through the wave. Taken with underwater camera.
First one is both of them, underwater, with same camera after a big wave just passed.
Meli, you do seem to look at many lovely things which I seem to love also, so water is just one thing among many.

meggie said...

O that is a fantastic photo in the wave!

Congratulations to your daughter on becoming a Life Guard!

Whose toe??

Leann said...

oh silk nighty,s are sooooo comfortable.thats all I can sleep in.Iam a fat chic and cant turn over in the bed if they aint silk.cotton wraps around my neck.
love the pictures.

Ampersand Duck said...

Glorious, especially that second photo.

I hope you swam anyway :)

Kirti said...

I've always said darling that coffee coloured satin is the most visible kind of neglige to wear in the ocean......

ganching said...

These are great photographs especially the fishy-girlies.

riseoutofme said...

Coffee coloured silk slipping through the waves - have you no consideration for the cotton clad molluscs gazing, green-eyed as you shimmy through the liquidity?

Beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...
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Pod said...

my jim-jams have waves on them so i go swimming in bed then realise i'm in bed and not in the sea. that's almost as silly as turning up at the beach in one's nighty.
love the underwater shots. what cam are you using?

genevieve said...

What a beautiful sequence of sea-posts. Thank you so much. They are all wonderful.