Friday, September 28, 2007


this is a going-away-party, and I is handing out some presents.

books for ampersand duck and meli, (look at the cover!) and for Pavlov if she comes by,

shells and blossoms and stones, for jane and 3rdcat, and for arcturus the feather, to hold onto and fly, for shauny the smooth rock from the south coast.

The grevillea is for isabelle, tho she may think them prickly, and for meggie who will love them, and Jelly who may be home soon.
Perhaps Babby for Shoufay though I wish I could give her more,

for the new guys, the laughing one and shula and suse, for rise and molly, precious from the sea,

for little thing, this perfect day, and for Ganching also, who likes a nice view.

some treasure for everyone.
Sorry if your'e left off, I am very sleepy.


jane said...

Thank you for my present. May I also have the turquoise curtain? It will match my NEW SURFBOARD!!!!!!

itisthelittlethings said...

I'm so glad I popped in hear. I've woken bored, and listless and anxious, and now love my perfect day!

I hope you have one too!

Shauna said...

:) beautiful

Molly said...

Lovely presents---thank you. hope you get your thoughts and packing organised without losing your mind!

Arcturus said...

I'm sorry for having so many page loads of your blog just now ... Blogger can be difficult with images sometimes ... you get those infernal red "X's" because BP1 or BP3 or whatever the server decides not to load up and display the pictures. I was getting all red X's ... I couldn't even see my present.

But now I can.

A feather. Thank you, Fifi. You read me so well.

But I'm wondering if that feather will let me fly all the way to Australia? Or if I manage to get there on a jet, would it help me fly back?

ganching said...

Oh thank you for the lovely present. I hope your trip is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

thanks fifi, how very sweet and considerate of you.
did you see my cats yesterday???
( i shall hope i can give you a sea eagle in return)

fifi said...

oh, woo hoo you! jane, you will match the decor indeed. Hope it's not a mal, or you'll be permanently installed aroun the corner....ha ha!

Little: excellent.

Shauna: thanks

Molly, yr welcome, and so do I!

Arc, don't know what you mean..? But I hope you got your present cos it's the albatross feather and you can go a long way with those.

Thanx Ganching. Just looked up "the gherkin"...

laughing, yr welcome, and I did see that the cats won so you must be very happy!

meli said...

why thank you fifi, they're lovely! how sweet of you. :)

meggie said...

Thank you for the wonderful Grevillea present. Along with sweet blue periwinkle peeping shyly through.
Hugs Fifi!

ThirdCat said...

I can't tell you how much I needed a present right now. And that's perfect.

Thank you.

And I really hope you have had a chance to come up for air. Russia isn't a figment. It will be glorious.

Suse said...

Oh god you're gorgeous.

And I am breathless and honoured.

Brat said...

Дорогая моя fifi
Мне очень понравилась ваша фотография и письмо Я хотел бы переписываться с вами
До свидания

Ampersand Duck said...

I'm late, but ever so happy with the book.

I'm loving your travelling posts, FWIW.