Thursday, September 27, 2007

albatross, part two

My third encounter with an albatross *

was with this one.

It had preyed upon the wrong fish, an unatttractively prickled pufferfish, which had then lodged firm in its throat.
A stronger soul than me was able to pull it out.

I spread its wings out as a matter of honour, rather than leave it a tangled sorry mess: this seemed the decent thing to do.

One wing stretched from the ground to my nose: The total wingspan was 2 metres, even though it was still a juvenile, as indicated by its chest feathers.

Later I dragged him back out to sea. A sea-bird doesn't belong on the sand, even after its life force has left it behind.

*(Please go to february for the previous albatross post. My link refuses to work.)


Anonymous said...

great photos have captured elegance in the face of death.

how good is it to walk along a beach and come across things that have so much of a story to tell.

meli said...

i don't know what to say. i always thought albatrosses were like big poems. it's sad to see a dead one. i guess that is a different kind of poem. or the same one, from a different angle. i'll shut up now.

jane said...

poor worn out thing...
I stuffed an albatross once. It was a fairly huge job. Fully grown and smelt of the sea. I think it lived out its days on a farm in Riverstone. a long long way from the sea. I'm glad you gave it a burial at sea.

meggie said...

Fifi, I read your previous post, & have left a comment there. I feel you have a due reverence for the magnificent bird, that once lived.
I am sure it's soul salutes your repsect.

shula said...

So glad you did, too.

riseoutofme said...

A fitting tribute to a magnificent bird.

Maybe you were a flying creature in a previous life?

Suse said...

That was beautiful that you spread its wings wide before returning it to the sea.

Arcturus said...

Incredible pictures, esp. the last one.

You're a good soul, Fifi. You really are.