Sunday, August 12, 2007

a whiff of longing in the air

It has been unwinterly warm the last two days,
this morning I felt cheated when felt the sun rather hot on my face,
because I find the cold winter my best time of making and thinking. Clear and sharp and enervating.

Well, I have been doing lots of thinking, but not as much making as I should.

But later this afternoon I felt an old, old feeling come over me, an unspecific, slow-burning anticipation.
By this evening, I could smell that earth-scent- promise-of-rain, which seemed only to fuel that strange yearning.
I recognise it: it comes from times when the world seemed full of endless promise and mystery,
and is the precise feeling of anticipation you have when you know the object of your longing is on the horizon.

I don't know, perhaps it's the hint of Spring that brings it on. I sometimes wonder when it is that we begin to have to really concentrate in order to make the world seem full of promise and mystery, when once it was a given.
When does that bright and shiny path leading up the hill begin to seemingly to lead to a predictable destination?

Ah, there are things on my horizon. I suppose it is the quiet of the sea, rocking to and fro with hardly a splash,
and the still air in its strange damp stink, that is making me feel some kind of quiet anticipation, of something changing.

It makes one want just to share it.
So I am.


Kamini said...

Yep. I feel it too. There is definitely change in the air, and its warm and kind of a soft feeling. Its gentle yet sometimes, there is a sudden brush of cold air, and then you go, oh, where was I...
Wonder what it is.

meli said...

hope its a premonition of something good! :)

i've nominated you for a thinking blogger award. it's sort of a meme, and you don't have to do it if you don't want, but i thought you deserved one. details at my blog.

meggie said...

Thank you, for putting that in words! I get that too, & have done since childhood. That wonderful inner feeling of excitement, & expectation.

ganching said...

We are having a strange little autumnal spell of weather - wet and very windy. On the way to lunch just now there were lots of geese flying overhead - looking like they weren't quite sure where they were going.

riseoutofme said...

Do you do weather forecasts for the most westerly isle in Europe?

Well, if not weather forecasts, how about premonitions??

I'd be happy with a sunny premonition.

Arcturus said...

Our D.C. area winter weather is almost always wrong ... rarely is there any genuine winter cold and snow. Everything here is always disjointed and half-way but not quite. Now in summer, it's the usual, strange humid drought hybrid.

The meteorological and political climate of the Imperial Capital City has proven very enervating to me.

Your wonderful pensive piece on the hint and the promise of changing seasons just reminded me how much "the weather" here is so dis-spiriting to me. I know you didn't mean it that way but I thought I'd share the feeling anyway.

it's the little things... said...

Do you ever wonder what the world would be like without change of season or weather or temperatures?
It's kind of scary, really.

Leann said...

I love the pictures on your blog.and thanks for sharing your hint of seems funny here I am knee deep in hot weather and you in winter..
it makes one know how big his old blue ball we call home really is.
thank,s for stopping by.its always good to have you stop.the picture of the lady did you draw her?if so she is cool.