Thursday, March 8, 2007

never fails to amaze

It is but one small miracle,
and every time I witness it,
I never fail to be amazed.

The moon rises!
It shines a path on the sea!
And who was it looking at,
before it saw me?

when this fails to astonish me,
it's time for the sky to collapse.


Isabelle said...

Lovely photo. Thanks for your Burmese cat suggestion. Did my son tell you to say that? I'm tempted...

mereth said...

I love your blog, perfect mix of images and words.The idea of the moon looking down at all of us the way we stare at it will stay with me now

meggie said...

I dont know if you read comments on past posts, but I hope you do.
This really moved me, & made me think of an Aunt who recently died.
When her daughter asked if she would like to go out for a walk, she said, "I dont want to see the trees again, I dont want to look at the sky again. I want to be gone".