Monday, March 26, 2007

at dawn, at dusk,
that certain light creates an atmosphere of possibility, a temporal ambiguity.
Perhaps it's the obliqueness of the sun, or the feeling that the light is shining through glass,
that the moment becomes any place, any time, or just a flicker of memory.
Sometimes we find ourselves
elsewhere than where we really are.

Oil on Canvas 2006


jane said...

A painting? A photgraph?

Isabelle said...

Hello, thanks for your sympathy about my father. It's much appreciated.

Your blog is very interesting; very different. How wonderful to have seen an albatross! I like your spare writing style.

a kings cross muse said...

nice stuff..... enjoying your art....thankyou.
viva la etheral...
gosh I miss the icebergs in the morning!

Shauna said...

hello hello! i lost your link but found it again. really enjoying it :)

grandefille said...

A beautiful blog from a gifted person. Thank you for sharing with us.

And I agree, a three-day-old baby boy is pretty cool, too! Congratulations, Auntie Fifi!

Markbnj said...

Jane: I think it's a painting, but it really doesn;t matter.

totally amazing