Friday, April 22, 2011

fish on good friday


I did not want to leave to go to work. 
I wanted to stay home, 
sit on the red chair with the cat, 
then go to the sea.


I can.

Happy Easter everyone.


Ulrike said...


happy easter to you too. enjoy your break and the red chair with the cat and the sea.

Leenie said...

Yay! Swallow some salt water for me! Have a great break from the routine.

Mary said...

and to you love..

Shauna said...

oh! what a view :) happy easter to you too...

old_black said...

Oooh, what a lovely spot. Good Friday is always a good day for contemplation of your place in the universe. My moment of reflection was enhanced by a fresh hot cross bun, a strong black coffee and some Bach in my ears - but I didn't have your view that would have made it perfect.
I hope you got to enjoy the spot for more than just a moment and more than just Good Friday.