Saturday, January 9, 2010

the year of the fish thus far

This is the story of my life so far in 2010.

Somebody got on a plane.

leaving this

to arrive in this

as for me,

I myself have had quite enough of this

and more than enough of this

and this

(abandoned finery)

and certainly
 not enough

of this

May your new decade be prosperous and fruitful.
Happy 2010


Eleanor said...

Oh look! Wide, blue, summer sky! Sparkling ocean, I kiss you.

Gosh Miss Fish, I really am thinking of you ALL THE TIME as I ponder the plethora of art museums in this crazy-mad city that never sleeps. Would love to have your input as I stumble from room to room, missing the intricacies and beauties which you could point out to me.

Oh, and I love the phrase "abandoned finery." Love it.

Molly said...

Oh, look at those blue skies! We're supposed to have them too, but they've gone missing! Best to you too Miss Fifi for the coming year and decade.....

Isabelle said...

What a view you have from your balcony! So wonderful. I'm surprised you ever get anything done. I'd want to sit and watch the sea all day.

Hope Fifi Junior is surviving the Big Freeze. And you're not missing her too much.

Leenie said...

Is the somebody who flew away to the snow one of your family, or you? For me, only thing more difficult than facing that stack of books (and only a banana), would be to face the books with a big blue ocean CALLING my name a short way off. At least with snow all around the students here are not so tempted to RUN.

fifi said...

Eleanor, I am thinking of you too, of exactly that, all those galleries, and all that snow. I would love to be there with you, only I would probably say nothing cleverer than you yourself are thinking.
(does that make sense??)

Best to you too Molly :-)

Isabelle, reading your blog has proided me with many an anxious moment. I'm not sure how she is coping, I think right now she is violently homesick. If I might say though, that is the lesser view. the better one is behind my head, and I am trying to ignore it.

Leenie, yes it is difficult, though I would be highly tempted to do as you do, and wander off on my skis. I tell myself that I will get a bad burn if I go out. Tedious!

Mary said...

Imagine us all in New York together.

A fine dream and one worth hanging onto!

A wonderful new decade to you Miss Fish..

ganching said...

Happy new year to you - we long for blue skies here and have had quite enough of the snow thank you very much.

rb said...

I wish I could flit back and forth between sun and snow.

We've had such fun over the past week. The snow has been fab. But when I look at your beach I long to be there again.

Why can't someone invent teleporting?

Meggie said...

They fly off, but they remain forever in our hearts, and return when they need us! Love for 2010.

Duyvken said...

Happy new decade! Tell us more about the winter adventurer.

Ulrike said...

Happy new decade, fifi.
My teenager came back yesterday after 6 months in Europe. The stories of his adventures amaze me how much he has grown from the experience :-)
Hope your one has a great adventure.

Anonymous said...

Bonne annee fifi poisson.

riseoutofme said...

The fish are having a hard time in this part of the world at the moment ... Enjoy 2010!

little red hen said...

Hello! Back again! How long has the little fish gone for? The thought of one's young being somewhere else where you are not is quite distracting isn't it. I am not looking forward to the end of march when my baby leaves home for a 12 month adventure.
Hope you have found time for the sea fifi and that the start to 2010 has been a good one.

Term papers said...
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Rebecca said...

hello there! Just had to ask - is that Curl Curl beach??