Tuesday, March 17, 2009

in which the fish greets a beautiful day

What are you crying about?
said the sea

I'm not entirely certain,
I said to the sea, surprised to be noticed so.

Come here, said the sea.

I looked at the sea, wary of trickery.
You just wish to pull my hair, bang my head or get up my nose,
I said to the sea

Come here, said the sea.
So I did.

There are no tears here.

the sea said to me,
and held me tight.

The sea was right.


Noelle Swan Gilbert said...

So powerful. Beautiful.

the projectivist said...

ye gods!
i just love that first photograph so much. can i ask what camera you use, Fifi?

fifi said...

Thank you both.

Yes of course you may ask: I use an olympus 1030 waterproof for sea/underwater shots (and an Olympus 550uz for others.)

The underwater cameras can be problematic but the latest version seems to be very reliable.

Isabelle said...

Yes, lovely indeed. Thank you for your kind comment. I shall try out your cheering trick! I'm ok really. Just. You know. Ten years ago was better.

Spruce Hill said...

Lovely pictures! My favorite is the fourth one, beautiful!

fifi said...

Isabelle: yes. I know. My ten years ago was not better. So perhaps it's good to have rough patches!

Spruce, yes, that one is my favourite also! I was actually falling over...

Anonymous said...

I suppose I fall into running in much the same way that you fall into the sea. I rather wish it were the sea though - running is less supported, there is nothing there to fix you. But I could not get what I get from running from swimming.

But I am glad that you can.

little red hen said...

I have been falling into my hammock of late and have found it very soothing as it hugs me gently and rocks back and forth. (I have photos of this too on my dusty camera and hopefully will get round to posting about this too!)Hope your tears washed you clean and that you now feel refreshed. Sounds like the sea lent a helping hand in this regard.

Molly said...

I love how the sea nurtures you, and hugs you tight and wipes away your tears....This was, as usual, lovely.

Blue Mountains Mary said...

Oh bliss.

I was by the sea yesterday - the salty air cleared my head tremendously.

When will you come?

Pam said...

Oh. My. Goodness....I love what you've written Fifi.

meggie said...

Love this post.
I am longing to sit by the ocean, & paddle my fat feet in the frothy shore foam.

Regulus said...

Beautiful and stunning, as ever.

Oh, yes, "The sea is your always welcome RELLY!"

Sorry. I was just looking for an excuse to say "relly" to someone from Australia.

Fifi, you're amazing.

I need to update my Regulus blog. It's been nearly a week. My other one is updated (I know, I know ...), but the current entry is kind of funny.

Hope you are doing well. Again, these pictures are so beautiful. You could do a whole photo - poetry exhibit with your pictures and blog entries. Really, relly!

Ulrike said...

wise wise sea.

Luhlahh said...

Lovely to let go and give in to nature.

os.c said...

What a wonderful read, dearest Fifi la Stupenda! Oh, that I could sit and muse and write like that.

fifi said...

helloooo, os dot com.....

you see your name for me has come in handy......