Monday, November 3, 2008

three random thoughts from a tired fish

Today I loaded up my car with 20 large scale charcoal drawings, 4 heavy drawing boards
12 oil paintings (2 tied to roof, very huge), 3 crates art suppiles, a box of tools,
books , a roll of paper.

and my car died.
I sat in paddington in a heat wave wondering how the heck I was going to manage.

I did manage to get it going, but almost passed out driving all the way over bridge to the studio space in brookvale, and hence to the mechanic.

Tomorrow night I fly to Perth!
I won a little grant and I am heading to Western Australia.
Naturally I am going to be speaking about the sea and such things. I shall watch the sun set into the sea, into the Indian Ocean: imagine! here i watch it rise from the water.

I am going to see these two gals, here we are having a photo with Neil MacGregor in Melbourne. Woo Hoo. It was a posh reception at which this fish was rather excited, because this fish saves her excitements for seeing British Museum Directors.

Yes, he is the director of the BRITISH MUSEUM, and one of those girlies knew him in Scotland as a young girlie, so I of course was all overcome and insisted on an introduction. I'd wish I had studied harder at Charm School.
(And the HAIR looks even better than usual hahahah)

I am also going to see the Red Hen too.
It will be fun. I hope we eat cake.

A week ago i severed a bond which was driving me insane: I feel so different, like a trapped honeybee finally flew out of my skull.
It's strange when you have felt a particular way for such a long time and then suddenly you are set free of it. I feel stronger, although there are still places in which I feel sad, here i walk with my head up, smiling, thanking the universe for delivering me thus far.

When you feel your worst, try to love and send the love somewhere. I cannot articulate properly this odd sentiment: I must get some sleep. I have a plane to catch, a life to live, a world to negotiate.

love from the fish.


little red hen said...

cake! most definitely . Looking forward to it.. Oh god talking of cake I have to make one for tomorrow and it's already 9pm!!!

Molly said...

Such excitement! Such fun, such a beautiful fish in her dress and better than usual hair! Good luck on your travels, and be sure to report us peons can vicariously share in all the excitement!

ganching said...

Congratulations on winning your grant. I am glad your buzzing bee has gone (although it sounds more like it was a hornet).

Anonymous said...

Blimey, is everyone in the blogosphere going to WA of late? I want to go too! Say hello to Cottesloe and Scarborough beaches for me, I grew up there and those beaches are my home turf.

Luhlahh said...

Ups and Downs, and Ups!

That Jacaranda tree is lovely - they grow really well where I live too and I had been thinking about a post about them entitled "I really like trees that are not green" Yes. Firmly in Silly Season. (Folios are in, hanging work this week!)

Enjoy WA!

Blue Mountains Mary said...

Congratulations on your grant Miss Fishy.

I am going to try to love....

alice c said...

Dear Beautiful Fish,
Enjoy your trip to the land of cake but please return to tell us all about it and to show us more of the beautiful world that you live in

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you look just fab in that photo!

I'm glad you have severed your bond. I did the same almost exactly a year ago and whilst it has been an up and down ride since then, it was a weight lifted. I am very glad I did it.

Enjoy Perth. Such a shame our visits couldn't have coincided. But I do hope to get across to Sydney - so I'll see you there!

Bryan said...

You are quite attractive. Congrats and good luck!

meli said...

have a fantastic time in perth! my dad's there this week.

the jacaranda is gorgeous - but it reminds me of exam time in adelaide...

well done for letting the honey bee out, it must have been hard, i hope the space is filled with sunshine and light and deepest blue, and the north wind blowing south.

Ampersand Duck said...

A late wish for a good swim!

Regulus said...

That jacaranda tree looks suspiciously like our eastern redbud trees here in the eastern U.S.

How is Perth going? I've always wanted to see Perth. My mother comes from South Amboy, New Jersey, so named because it is just south of the larger town of Perth Amboy. I always thought that was a really odd name.

I agree with Bryan -- a very nice picture of you.