Monday, January 14, 2008

In which the fish goes to an international art history conference


I is in Melbourne!

Getting me some learning!

not much water,
but plenty of scholarly discussion.

just the thing with which
to fill the head of a fish.


Shauna said...

ooh lovely melbourne! enjoy your book learnin'! :)

jellyhead said...

The getting of wisdom, huh?! Have a brilliant time fifi!

meli said...

sounds amazing! enjoy it!

meggie said...

Fun post!

Suse said...

Oh fififish! You're at MY book-learnin' place. Are you still here? Will you be around tomorrow (Friday)???

I do hope Melbourne is treating you well, and you'll see we turned OFF the 40 degree weather just for you darlin.

fifi said...

heya, miss peasoup,

I have sent you my mobile number in your comments.


travistee said...