Thursday, December 6, 2007

indigo sea

It is hot in my studio, storms roll by.
I am using indigo pigment to make pictures:
My hands and face are blue.
I think of flower buds and lighthouses and faraway headlands.

It may just be the indigo in my eyes,
But I feel very much like crying.


Leann said...

that is a awesome picture and the poem as have talent girl.thanks for sharing with us.
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there are three posts so check them out.the story is called the Lamb of God.

meli said...

that is so beautiful fifi. the picture is like a story, a very mystical story, about the past and loss and dreams, and the sea bright in the moonlight. the traces of the flowers... i don't know. you've touched on something magical.

jellyhead said...

Don't cry fifi! ((HUG HUG))

I love the picture... it is so sad and murky and beautiful. No wonder you feel teary.

meggie said...

Mood indigo.
Beautiful picture, & beautiful words.

Pod said...

how lovely