Friday, November 2, 2007

in THIS life

In a wonderful adventure, somewhat like a chapter from the magic faraway tree, this fish found itself adventuring to the real-life home of the Life family. Tis an amazing thing to do, for certain.
People have asked me what have been the highlights of my trip, and I would have to say my encounterings of people, really.
Scotland is the most wonderful place, it is like a place only ever imagined, except that it is real and all around you. the Scots folk are extraordinary, really. Ones you know, and ones you don't. Folk in the street, in homes, in places. My visit to the home of dear Isabelle was one of my highlights.
Interesting how you can tell almost exactly what a person is like: Isabelle is as sweet and lovely as I had imagined.
Sometimes too, there is a surprise that one does not expect. In this case, I encountered a person so beautiful that I have thought of her often since, and she has made me smile, this Daughter Life. She is one of those characters from literature and history who would be described as pure and good. Her face shines with the passion of her beliefs, and her pathos and kindness, it is lit with her goodness.
I know instinctively that she would shy away from attention of this sort, but I was so impressed with her that my thoughts keep returning to the lives of the cold and poor in eastern Europe, those for whom she has done much. I felt the world was a nicer place for me having discovered her in it.
Cassie and Sirius, the most loved cats in Scotland, appeared to love her almost as much as they loved Mr life and Isabelle. And so grown up they are getting. (next thing they will be off for university before you know it, clever and cute they are.)

Sometimes you read about a family so lovely they seem too perfect.
I am happy to report that everything about the Life residence is even nicer in real life: Thanks for you wonderful hospitality you gorgeous persons and catlets!

So, now to plot and plan my return. Edinburgh a fine and beautiful place by moonlight, Glasgow wild and wicked: somehow, I have to get back.


jane said...

welcome home.

Molly said...

Oh, I'm so green with envy that you met Isabelle, catlets and the Life Family! What fun it must have been. Did they divulge what course of study the daring duo will be following at uni?

Shauna said...



jellyhead said...

How incredible that not only did the visit live up to your expectations - it exceeeded them. You are so lucky fifi! I'm very happy it all went so well :)

By the way, re your last post..... you swam in that freezing water, didn't you?! You are an iron woman!!

Isabelle said...

Goodness me, Fifi, what an amazing write-up! I think you may be exaggerating somewhat, but hey, we'll accept compliments graciously, especially the cats. Thank you so much! It was wonderful to meet you.

Let me report to Fifi fans that she's really lovely. She told me in advance that she looked 75 because of the Australian sun, but... no. She looks about 30. Blonde, golden skin and beautiful curls. We really felt we'd known her forever and look forward to her swimming back into these northern waters some time. Hopefully our hall will be redecorated by then... And the cats will have embarked on their Masters degrees. (Should there be an apostrophe there? Master's? or, for two cats, Masters'?)

meggie said...

How lovely to read of your meeting with the Life family, & the beautiful sleek & shiny Catlets!
So lucky you are!

Arcturus said...

Welcome home, Traveler!! I can't wait to see pictures ... and more pictures! ... of your travels.

(Did you take many?)

So one of those cats in the picture is named Sirius?? Which one?

meli said...

i'm pretty sure there's no apostrophe in masters, tho' i can see where you're coming from...

i want some catlets too!

riseoutofme said...

Wonderful that everything went so swimmingly with your trip!

Did you manage to inveigle the catlets into going for a swim with you?

Cats like fish, don't they?